Windows 10 Update cleanup

Clean Up And Gain Back Some Hard Drive Space After A Major Windows 10 Update Or Upgrade

When performing a Windows 10 update (major update that used to be known as a service pack) or upgrade from Windows 7 or 8, your previous installation is backed up and stored in a cache just in case you want to roll back to your previous build.
if you choose to stay with your upgrade that previous installation cache sits there taking up valuable storage space and is never automatically removed so users could be unknowingly wasting 15 to 20 Gigabytes of storage space unnecessarily which is quite a lot to lose if you are using a relatively small SSD system drive.

Cleaning out these files is not as simple as selecting and hitting delete, So in this video, we show you how to identify the right files and clean them out giving you back that otherwise wasted storage space.

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