Windows 10 Is Now Qualified For Pro Tools 12.5

We've just been informed that Windows 10 is now qualified for Pro Tools 12.5 but with special HD hardware buffer limitations.

Here at Pro Tools PC we have been shipping and supporting Windows 10 For Pro Tools for Quite some time now but we are glad to see if official from Avid at long last.

ALERT: Windows 10
• Pro Tools 12.5 added support for Windows 10.
• Note that there are specific Hardware Buffer limitations for Pro Tools|HDX and HD Native systems on Windows 10:

Pro Tools|HD Native - Avoid these Hardware Buffer settings
44.1k/48k: 32 samples
88.2k/96k: 64 samples
176.4k/192k: 128 samples

Pro Tools|HDX - Avoid these Hardware Buffer settings when using the HP z420 4-Core and 6-Core workstations:
44.1k/48k: 64 samples
88.2k/96k: 128 samples
176.4k/192k: 256 samples

See the full details here for Pro Tools HD
And Here for Non HD


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