Using The Pro Tools Tempo Ruler

Using The Pro Tools Tempo Ruler

Using the Pro Tools Tempo Ruler is quick and creative way to change your session tempo.

Using the Pro Tools Tempo Ruler gives you a lot of creative ways to visually change your session tempo's. It gives you the ability to use multiple different tools and methods to change the tempo. In many ways, using the tempo ruler is similar to writing in track automation. They both use similar tools such as the pencil & trim tool to write in the tempo changes or automation. There are a few more features to be aware of though when manipulating the tempo from the ruler that I cover.

There are many variables and views that can make changing the sessions tempo's difficult and hard to understand. In this video I break down some of the basic settings. I look at different ways to make your session the easiest to view and work with when changing the sessions tempo from the ruler.

This video is 1 part of a multipart video series on changing sessions tempo's. We have 2 other videos related to this, Identify a Tempo and Using the Tempo Operations Window. Identify Beat looks at taking a track and finding the session tempo from that track. The Tempo Operations Window is a more precise way to change your tempo. The Operations Window is quite powerful and has a lot of options for changing your tempo.

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