Pro Tools Tempo Operations Window Video Tutorial

Using The Pro Tools Tempo Operations Window

Using the Pro Tools Tempo Operations Window is a powerful and more precise way to change your session tempo.

Using the Pro Tools Tempo Operations Window gives you a variety of powerful options to change your session tempo. This is the most precise method to change your session tempo. I find it to be preferred if I am working with Vi's or if I am working with multiple tempo changes in the session.

Pro Tools gives you many options in the Tempo Operations Window. They can be a simple and constant tempo change or a linear change. Linear will ramp the tempo faster or slower in a perfect slope in a selected area. There are more complex options as well to choose from. There is a parabolic option for instance that will let you set the curve of your ramp faster or slower in tempo among other options that can be quite helpful. I cover some of these different methods and what they do.

In this video I also do a quick look at the Samples and Ticks setting on each track. This is necessary to understand so that you know if you want the data to stick to the starting point on the grid like you would with midi, or if you want the data to not move while you are changing and adjusting the grid.

This video is 1 part of a multipart video series on changing sessions tempo's. We have 2 other videos related to this, Identify a Tempo and Using the Tempo Ruler. Identify Beat looks at taking a track and finding the session tempo from that track. The Tempo ruler is quicker but more course way to change your session tempo. This video goes over the proper settings in Pro Tools for the different views you need to work with tempo changes easily.

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