Universal Audio Announce Softube Marshall Legends Bundle

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Marshall® Legends Bundle.
Three iconic Marshall amplifiers, modeled by
Softube and bundled to save.

Developed by Softube — and available exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo audio interfaces — the Marshall Legends Bundle features thorough emulations of three iconic Marshall amplifiers.

From the versatile Bluesbreaker 1962 combo, to the high-powered Plexi Super Lead 1959 and Silver Jubilee plug-ins, you get iconic Marshall tube tone as well as powerful multi-mic sounds for professional sounding guitar tracks.

Now You Can:
  • Use your Apollo with Unison™ technology to track “in the box” through exclusive Marshall amp emulations — with no latency
  • Re-amp previously recorded tracks with any UAD-2 hardware
  • Dial-in perfect studio amp tones with different mic combinations, types, and placements
  • Fine-tune your guitar tones with over a hundred presets by legendary AC/DC engineer Tony Platt


Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-In

marshall_bluesbreaker_hqThe first emulation of the amp used on the iconic 1966 album, Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, the Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 plug-in is more than a blues machine. Its open-back 2x12 cabinet and dual KT66 power section thrives in pop and country settings as well, delivering chimey clean tones, throbbing tremolo, and rich distortions.


Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 Plug-In


The amp that defined the sound of rock. Paired with an era-correct, broken-in Marshall 1960BHW 4x12 cabinet, the Plexi Super Lead 1959 plug-in delivers the same snarl, sustain, smoothness, and raunch as the original amp. Softube engineers expertly emulated all of the Super Lead’s idiosyncratic “ghost note” overtones, for a wealth of high-powered tube textures.


Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 Plug-In


The Marshall Silver Jubilee plug-in expertly models one of the most tonally versatile Marshalls ever made. Its Clean, Rhythm Clip, and Lead preamp modes offer a ton of textures, from dense crunch to singing sustain. And combined with the half power Pentode/Triode switch, you can dial in silkier, less aggressive tones.

Find out more and listen to audio examples at the Universal Audio Website here.


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