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Universal Audio DSP Plug-Ins Now Available In Softube Console 1

Softube, Makers of the Console 1 hardware controller and classic mixing console emulation suites have just released and update that enables select Universal Audio DSP powered plugins to be used within the Console 1 environment.
This now means you can swap out one of the console 1 EQ's or Compressors with one of your favourite UAD alternatives.

Obviously you are rquired to own a Universal Audio DSP hardware device and associated plugins but its a great way to expand your options if you already have or are thinking about owning both.

Heres's What Softube Have To Say:

There is now over 60 Console 1 ready plug-ins available. Today we launch the previously announced software update which makes it possible to use Console 1 with select Universal Audio UAD Powered Plug-Ins. The upgrade is free to existing Console 1 users.

At the recent NAMM show, we announced that Console 1 owners would be able to integrate select UAD Powered Plug-Ins with their system, and use them just as they have been able to use any Softube EQ, compressor or gate. Today, we are launching that software update.

Go Get It!
The update is free to existing Console 1 owners, and works just as well with the first-generation Console 1 as it will with the coming Console 1 Mk II. Either upgrade and install via your Gobbler desktop application, or head to My Account, click My Downloads and manually download the new Console 1 installer from there.

But That's Not All
The software update also includes bug fixes and some added features. Pressing Shift + Phase Inv will bypass the selected channel entirely. Combining this with the All function bypasses all Console 1 channels. Shift + Page Up/Down selects the next adjacent channel. And British Class A For Console 1 owners will enjoy a significantly reduced CPU usage.

More to Come
All Console 1 ready plug-ins are pre-mapped and ready to go, which requires a bit of development time from our side. Therefore, we're not adding support for each and every UAD plug-in right away, instead, more will be coming later on. On this page, you will find a complete list of currently available Console 1 ready plug-ins: Console 1: Questions and Answers

A few of the previously announced UAD Powered Plug-Ins have been temporarily removed from the list of Console 1 ready plug-ins, due to some minor technical issues. They will be added in the next software release. This concerns the Universal Audio 1176 (all five versions) and Chandler Limited Zener Limiter. We apologize for this.

When Is the Lower Priced Console 1 Mk II Out?
At the NAMM show, we also announced Console 1 Mk II, which will retail for $499 (as opposed to $849 for the first-generation units). We are getting closer to launch, but still prefer not to set a specific date for when it will be available in stores. We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and patience!

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