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Trasher 12 Is Finally Updated!

Trasher 12 has finally been updated.  Functions for a Waves post uninstall cleanup as well as the ability to open up the hidden Avid downloads folder have been added.


I first released Trasher with Pro Tools 8.0 to assist users in the then regular procedures of deleting the Preferences and DAE Preferences. It has grown and changed a lot over the years. It now contains the ability to cover a lot of troubleshooting aspects and to speed up many processes that us Pro Tools users do on a regular basis.

This update to Trasher 12 includes a couple new features. Most notably is the ability to open up the hidden Avid Downloads folder. This folder is used by the Application Manager when it downloads updates. This folder has the problem of eating up large amounts of hard drive space, and being hidden makes it difficult if you are not aware of its location or even existence.

It also has a new Waves Post Uninstall feature. This contains a pretty extensive list of files and folders it goes through and verifies is deleted after uninstalling Waves. This includes going through and checking all of the default locations of the Waveshells in the system. Detailed information is included in the Read me.

Other updates include progress meters (I know, not a big deal!). A new dialog in green that tells you want version of Pro Tools the functions are affecting. An  updated UI and updated installer. The basic code has also been cleaned up and optimized a bit as well.

Other features to backup and restore the I/O settings, Plugin settings, Session templates, Plugin-maps. It will also create, backup and restore the folders for the infamous "Track Hack" feature. Backup and restore functions for Softube Console 1 users, and Fxpansion users of BFD3. Other functions to quickly access folders such as the Plugins folders and others.


Trasher 12 will work with all versions of Pro Tools starting from 10.3.5 on 64 bit Windows 7-8-10. Co install of both Pro Tools 10-11/12 starts at Pro Tools 10.3.6, So Trasher 12 is geared towards those users. A separate version of Trasher for Pro Tools 10.3.5-10.3.10 (32 or 64 bit) is available here.

The Trasher homepage with install notes and all builds is here.

Trasher 12 build 2, can be downloaded here

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