Trasher 12 updated for Pro Tools 12.8

Trasher 12 Updated to Build 3 For Pro Tools 12.8

Trasher has been updated to build 3. There is only a few minor fixes and additions from the previous version. The installer is available here. 

Pro Tools 12.8 Problems

The new Pro Tools 12.8 release is showing a small but annoying quirk. When the AAX Plug-ins Database is deleted and rebuilt through 12.8 install, it is taking multiple restarts for the entire plug-ins list to load. I modified Trasher to give a backup and restore for your AAX Plug-ins Database file. So before installing the 12.8 update, backup your AAX Plug-ins Database file. Then uninstall your previous Pro Tools build and install 12.8. Pro Tools will ask you to restart your computer after the install completes. After you restart, hit the “Restore AAX Plug-ins Database”. This will save the problems related to plugins not loading. This function is also included on the button that backups your different Prefs and Database files.

Update to the Trasher Installer

One of the long standing problems with Trasher that I had not resolved is the installer. Previously it had to be extracted directly the desktop and an exact process to install. That is no longer the case. Just extract the file, run the installer and select the option you need, and it will install the necessary files. If you had previous shortcuts or had it pinned to the taskbar, you may need to delete those. A new shortcut will be placed for this version on the desktop. If you need to pin it to the taskbar (where I prefer it) or the start menu, navigate into the Trasher folder (in your Documents) to the Exe folder, and right click the .exe file and select “Pin to Taskbar”

Platinum Samples Accent

A new small update is the ability to backup the Midi Maps and Presets folders for the Platinum Samples Accent Drum VI. The Ocean Way Drums library and forthcoming Galaxy Drums by Space Cabin Audio both sound excellent. I have been using them quite a bit and created this for myself, so figured I would go ahead and include it.

Those are the only changes from Build 2. The button selection had to be changed a bit on the first tab, but it is minor at best. This version will work on every version of Pro Tools that is listed  on the UI, so do not worry about not updating Trasher if you have an older version of Pro Tools version.

If you are not aware of what Trasher does or can do, feel free to ask in the comments.

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