TRASHER Updated to Version 3

TRASHER Update Including macOS Support

Avid recently released Pro Tools 2018.1, with quite a few new features included. I decided to update TRASHER in order catch all the new settings and files. For many reasons, I ultimately decided to rewrite the entire application and go for macOS support while I was at it. I made some other changes internally such as backing up most files now, such as Plug-in Settings for example is now "smarter". It will cycle through the folder recursively (folder by folder, file by file) and compare names. If a file name matches in an existing folder during a backup or restore, it will replace the file. All files that do not have a match, will just be copied. Otherwise no files are at risk of being lost through an entire folder dump for example. Anything and everything being replaced or trashed is sent to the recycle bin, so it is always recoverable in a worst case scenario. I must add the caveat that all of the functions of TRASHER will only work if you keep your Avid files and folders in the default locations. 

TRASHER 3 Plug-in Options

TRASHER Plug-in Backup and Restore

Plug-in Support

I included some more Plug-in based backup and restore options to the list as well. I added the ability for Softube's Console 1 User presets, Soundtoys User Plug-in Settings, UAD Plug-in Presets, as well as the Console Sessions and IO Presets. All of the plug-in options that existed previously still exist on this version. Platinum Samples Midi Maps and Presets, BFD3/Fxpansion Midi Maps and Presets, Waves User Plug-in Settings, along with trashing the Waves Plug-in Prefs and Cache. The Waves Post Uninstall Cleanup is also still present on the Windows version. These are all Plug-in settings that I save using the internal editor of the plug-in and not just the Pro Tools Librarian. Then in the case of the Drum Vi's and UA, these are commonly used settings that can only be saved outside of Pro Tools.  

Numbering Scheme

For the most annoying part, I changed the numbering scheme. Back during Pro Tools 8-9 era, I had Trasher as Versions 1-2. Then I decided to change the TRASHER version number to match the Pro Tools version to make it easier to know what version to use. With Avid changing its numbering from 12.x to 2018.1 (year), I decided to revert TRASHER back to its original ways. So starting now, it will be TRASHER 3. I apologize as it may seem weird, but it makes more sense for me in the long run. 

A bit of a change

In separation from the past, I am asking $5 for this version. If you had donated to me in the past, just drop me a email and I will get you a link. If you need it and can't spare the $5, drop me a email, I will get you a link. I am only trying to divert some of the development cost of the update and the extra work that went into creating a version for macOS. 

The previous Trasher 12b3, is still available on my site and is still free for Windows. It works just fine with Pro Tools 2018, it just does not have some of the updated features. 

Link to the webstore:

I am using the pro-tools-pc store to host the billing. It is a bit inconvenient, but my best option. 

On checkout, You can enter any "fake" address or phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx). This may be necessary for foreign orders.
I just need your name and email to be correct to find your order at a later date.

Just click the "residential" or "business" tick box and it will switch to specify it is an online download, no delivery needed. 

After the order is completed, the confirmation Window will appear and have the links to download both the Windows and Mac version. You  can also log into your account and view your receipt with the links. 

The link will change occasionally, just email me if you need another link at a later date.

If you have any problems on the checkout process, just contact me through the website or

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