TRASHER 3 Updated to Build 18

In February I released TRASHER 3 to coincide with the new features in Pro Tools 2018.1 such as Pro Tools Presets and full implementation of Track Presets. The biggest issue was that I did not have any representation for when a function was in action. So this build is mainly a maintenance release. A progress bar is now added along with buttons to tick or untick all the boxes in the main home tab. There is also a bit of code cleanup and optimization. The UI has been slightly modified a bit as well for the changes.

Another point of note is new documentation. The operating manual has been re written and updated. It is one of those things I have been putting off for years, so it finally feels nice to have that completed. The LOG.txt in your backups folder contains more information for troubleshooting as well.  

TRASHER 3 build 18 UI

TRASHER 3 build 18


The install process is the same as the previous version:

PC: Just run the installer. It will merge with the previous TRASHER install and just change out the .exe file and manual. It will not bother any of your files that are backed up. 

Mac: Launch the .dmg image. Drag the TRASHER folder into the Documents folder alias. If you have a previous version installed, select "Merge" when given the option. It will replace the .app file and add the manual. You may need to replace your shortcut if you have one created. If there are any problems, you can just drag the TRASHER folder directly into your documents, or just replace the .app file in the exe folder and add the manual to the resources folder in an existing install. 

Just so you know

In separation from the past, I am asking $5 for this version. If you had donated to me in the past, just drop me a email and I will get you a link. If you need it and can't spare the $5, drop me a email, I will get you a link. I am only trying to divert some of the development cost of the update and the extra work that went into creating a version for macOS. 

If you purchased this previously, I sent you an email 2 days ago. If you did not get it, check your spam folder of just drop me an email with the email address and name you used to purchase. We are working on a delivery system, its just not quite ready yet. 

The previous Trasher 12b3, is still available on my site and is still free for Windows. It works just fine with Pro Tools 2018, it just does not have some of the updated features. 

Link to the webstore:

I am using the pro-tools-pc store to host the billing. It is a bit inconvenient, but my best option. 

On checkout, You can enter any address or phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx). This may be necessary for foreign orders.
I just need your name and email to be correct to find your order at a later date.

Just click the "residential" or "business" tick box and it will switch to specify it is an online download, no delivery needed. 

After the order is completed, the confirmation Window will appear and have the links to download both the Windows and Mac version. You  can also log into your account and view your receipt with the links. 

The link will change occasionally, just email me if you need another link at a later date.

If you have any problems on the checkout process, just contact me through the website or If you don't get a response within a couple hours, check your spam folder. 

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