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TC Electronic VSS3 Reverb Native Released

TC Electronic VSS3

The TC Electronic VSS3 is a legendary Reverb plugin, First appearing as part of the System 6000 studio DSP driven hardware and also in VST format on the TC Powercore platform, then later as a TDM version with Pro Tools HD.
Now VSS3 has been updated and reincarnated into the most popular non DSP native formats AAX, VST and AU.

Anyone who knows me well will be familiar with the fact that I've been a TC Powercore owner and user for what must now be around 15 years, first with the MK1 PCI card and then on to the MK2 and Firewire units. I currently own and use two PCI MK2 and three Firewire Powercores and almost all the Plug-ins available for the platform.
When development of Powercore was ceased a few years ago the plugins were somewhat frozen in time as the 32bit VST versions but I have been able to continue using the hardware and plugins since partly due to the flexibility of the Windows operating system being able to handle older software and drivers quite easily as well as some dedication from some lovely TC Electronic employee's providing driver fixes way beyond the support lifespan of the product range. This coupled with the fabulous Jbridge by J'Stuff to bridge the 32bit VST's to 64bit and equally marvellous BlueCat Patchwork to load the VST's into Pro Tools and I've since been very happy.
Although I never invested in the TDM version for my TDM system because I didn't want to buy twice to have the convenience I've had a grea time with it and you'd be hard pushed to convince me to ever give the gear up......


Well today to my huge surprise and initial reaction of "FINALLY!" - TC Electronic announced the immediate availability of the first of these plug-ins to be ported to native formats including AAX for Pro Tools and would you believe it they are offering us loyal Powercore/TDM owners a discounted crossgrade.
Plus there's a special 20% off introductory price this weekend!

This development has obviously kicked my mind off racing to think of what comes next?
MD3, DVR2, Nonlin2 etc.....
Will they only port the System 6000 plugins or will we see the rest of the Powercore range like Master X5, Classicverb, Intonatior HS, Harmony 4, the vintage guitar pedal bundle or even the Powercore 01 (Roland SH101 synthesizer clone).
Most popular may be the Access Virus synth but since its Powercore release Access have released their own plugin version to accompany the Virus TI hardware so I think its an unlikely thing to happen, Rumor at the time was that it was only possible for Powercore and TDM because the DSP hardware of these platforms happened to share the same Motorolla DSP chips as the Access hardware so was a relatively easy port, who knows if that's true but this native release has got some great mileage potential ahead of it.
Check out the rest of the Powercore plugin range here and let us know what you would like to see go native. 

VSS3 is the most professional tool of its kind, the Stereo Source Reverb behind tens of thousands of films, TV shows, albums and unforgettable tracks.


  • Amazing versatility to make your project a success
  • From our award-winning System 6000
  • Works on all major DAWs; Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase and more...


VSS3 Native - Main Features

  • Stereo source reverb - ported from the System 6000 hardware series
  • Maximum ambience, yet full mono compatibility
  • Exceptionally wide dynamic range
  • Available as a plug-in for all major DAWs
  • Source specific early reflections for character and localization
  • Focus Fields for easy tweaking and navigation
  • Based on 1000s of hours of fine-tuning and trimming
  • Great results - with or without modulation
  • Seamlessly import VSS3 presets from System 6000

VSS3 Main Page

The Main Page

The main page groups all the most important parameters of the VSS3.

This is where you load and save your presets. The up and down arrows of the preset field let you easily browse through your presets to find the one you're looking for.

The main page also hosts essential settings for decay, pre delay and hi decay times as well as controls for the levels of the early reflections, reverb tail and dry signal.

VSS3 Main Page

Early Reflections Page

The first echoes of any sound event are called early reflections. These define the feel of the room and localization of the sound sources within it.

With the source specific early reflections in the VSS3, you can add character to your audio and realistically pinpoint the direction and distance to the sound source.

The most important parameter is the Early Type which mimics a number of different acoustic spaces - from bustling airports and open streets to conference rooms and cramped phone booths.

The other parameters on the pages let you adjust the flavor of your early reflection type: the size, color, position or left-right balance of the reflections.

VSS3 Early Reflections

Reverb Page

As sound bounces around the surfaces of a room, the "blurred" body (or diffuse field) of the response forms.

On the reverb page you find all the important settings that define this reverb body, including crossover frequencies and decay time multipliers for the individual frequency bands.

The main parameter is the Reverb Type, where you can select a number of variables, such as Smooth, Natural, Alive or Fast.

VSS3 gives you incredibly detailed control of the decay time for the reverb tail. In the Decay/Crossover section you can set the decay time offsets in no less than four bands.

VSS3 Reverb Page

Modulation Page

Every room in the world can sound different from one second to the next - the "random" feature of the VSS3 perfectly simulates this.

The parameters of this page are condensed into two straightforward sections, where you control the different aspects of the modulation.

With the Reverb Modulation section you get a set of very complex LFO patterns that tweak various parts of the reverb. We've organized these intricate variables into sets: Smooth, Perc, Vintage and Wild.

Space Modulation imitates the air movement of a room and allows you adjust the rate, width and depth.

VSS3 Modulation Page

VSS3 Focus Fields

Focus Fields

The Focus Fields view gives you access to settings across any parameter page.

This means that you can organize your most important parameters for easy access, giving you a better overview of your essential parameters - without switching pages. The Focus Fields group is stored with the session as well as with your individual presets; this means that your key settings will always be waiting for you, whenever you load your presets.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

The VSS3 Native comes with a resizable view, that allows you to scale the plug-in up or down to fit with your screen and workflow.

Ensuring full usability, this helps you make the most of whatever display you're currently using - both in the studio and when you're on the move.



Ready to find out more?

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System Requirements

The VSS3 plug-in is copy protected by iLok (PACE). You can choose to store your iLok license either on an iLok USB key or on your computer. All you need is an iLok ID - just register a free user account at


  • OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or above
  • Pro Tools 11 or above or a VST/AU compatible host


Plug-in Formats

  • VST2.4
  • VST3
  • Audio Units
  • AAX Native 32/64-bit
  • AAX AudioSuite 32/64-bit


  • Windows 7 or above
  • Pro Tools 11 or above or a VST compatible host


Plug-in Formats

  • VST2.4
  • VST3
  • AAX Native 32/64-bit
  • AAX AudioSuite 32/64-bit


You can use VSS3 with any host that supports either of the plug-in formats listed to the left.

VSS3 has been tested to be working with the following hosts:

  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Apple Logic Pro
  • Nuendo
  • Wavelab
  • Cubase
  • Ableton Live
  • Steinberg Sequel
  • Cakewalk Sonar

Support isn't limited to these hosts.

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