Import Session Data

Importing Session Data in Pro Tools

Importing session data in Pro Tools is quite valuable as a time saver. It also serves as the best way to keep continuity on song to song when working on a project or album. As the name suggests, it allows you to pull in data from one session into another. This can be audio/midi or this can be settings such as plugins, routing, pan, volume, etc. The exact method and process will depend on what you are after for your end results. 

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Accent Galaxy Drums

Creating a Reverse Cymbal Swell in Pro Tools

The technique of the “reverse swell” has been around and used for quite a long time. It’s a wonderful way to build intensity and anticipation. It has been done using lots of different sounds; cymbal, vocals, keyboard, samples, etc.

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Mid Side

Fun With The Mid Side Technique In Pro Tools

To break it down to basic terms, Mid Side gives the ability to separate the middle of the signal from the unique stereo, left-right content of the signal. Nowadays we do have a few plugins that can do this for us, but here we are going to look at the manual way to do it and what is arguably still the most flexible. It is also a lesson in routing and patience

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The Mix Bus A-B Technique – Improve Your Mixing Skills

Having a mix bus lets you apply plugins to your entire mix without applying it to any sample mixes. This allows you to use the A B technique.

A sample mix can be placed inside of your DAW that skips the mix bus and goes directly to your speakers. This keeps the sample mix true.

If you apply the plugins to your master track, the plugins will also affect the sample track. Take a look at this video to see how mixing with a mix bus can help you improve your workflow and ultimately, lead to better mixes.

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