Pro Tools 12.5 With Cloud Collaboration Available To Selected Users

Avid are Making Pro Tools 12.5 with Cloud Collaboration available to selected customers through an “Early Access” beta program.

Anyone is eligible to sign up now but users will be specially selected over time much like we saw with the roll out of Pro Tools First, to be in with a chance of being one of the first to experience these new features you'll need to sign up here at the “Early Access” beta program.

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Confirmed – Pro Tools First Will Use Cloud Collaboration Into Full Pro Tools Projects

One of the upcoming features of Pro Tool 12.5 will be the long awaited and much talked about "Cloud Collaboration" option which was first showcased as the initial "Avid Everywhere" concept around two years ago.
Pro Tools First was one major roll out that was also touted to be part of the master plan and although it appears to be very well featured its major limitation of not being able to save or export projects to an offline state has left many potential users a little baffled as to its usefulness almost to the point of it being considered a "Save disabled" demo version.

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