Sync a Mac and PC Pro Tools System

Syncing 2 Pro Tools Systems via Midi Cable.

Syncing 2 Pro Tools systems is an easy way to gain processing power. The most common use for this would be to host VI's on a slave system and then stream them into the master system. In this video, I show how to connect the 2 systems with just a midi cable. There are a few other hurdles to overcome in order to get both systems in sync and deal with latency.  If you have an older Pro Tools system around, this would be a good way to get use out of it!

So Many Rules!

The video is a bit long, but there is a lot of information to cover.  I use the the screen sharing program from splashtop, and you use "Personal" on the master system and "Streamer" on the slave. You will also need to verify that you have the midi cable connected in the correct direction between the interfaces or midi hub. This will be midi out from the master to the midi in of the slave. You will also need to have the audio connections between the system setup correctly. From there, enabling MTC (Midi Time Code) setup correctly within Pro Tools. The master system will generate MTC and the slave will read MTC. Then we will need to turn MTC on within the transport in Pro Tools and tell the master to Generate MTC and the slave to "Wait for Sync." 

Coming Soon

Part 2 of this video will be coming soon. It will show how to sync to 2 Pro Tools systems using just a network cable. The example will again include a Mac and a PC. This will show the most complex combination and can be done simply with either 2 PC's or 2 Macs. 

Video tutorial of syncing a PC and a Mac via a Midi Cable


Don't forget, TRASHER has been updated for Pro Tools 2018 and is both PC and Mac compatible!!! 

An update is almost ready that will fix the issue of a lack of progress bar,some other minor fixes, and optimizations.

You can find more information here or go directly to the download page here.

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