Trasher Can

Trasher was created to assist Windows Pro Tools users in a variety of functions.

Mainly to speed up the process of deleting DAE and Pro Tools preferences, along with the databases with theĀ purpose of troubleshooting. More features were added over time to help with or speed up other processes.
Functions like opening Plugin Folders to move plugins or backing up Plugin Settings to move to other computers and drives, as well as backing up and restoring other functions were just common procedures that were quite laborious tasks before Trasher came along.

Now at version 12 for Pro Tools 12 compatibility Trasher has some extra new features to show off, namely a new plugin tab that includes:
Backup and restore settings and presets for Fxpansion. Built specifically for BFD3, but should work with all Fxpansion products.
Backup and restore presets for Softube. Built specifically for Console 1 user presets.
Delete Waves Prefs and cache.

Previous versions still exist for older version of Pro Tools (version 12 cover Pro Tools 10.3.6 - 12) full details of which a long with full documentation for installation and updating and download links are available at our USA site here.
Any Pro Tools Windows user cant afford not to be using Trasher !