Sonnox Thicken and Widen

Sonnox VoxDoubler Thicken and Widen

Sonnox has been quite busy the last couple years. First they took on the task of updating their existing line of plug-ins. Then last year they released an amazing Dynamic Eq. Now they have released a new pair of plug-ins under the VoxDoubler series named Thicken and Widen.

Micro Pitch Shifting

These are similar plug-ins that both do "micro pitch shifting" in slightly different ways.  Micro pitch shifting was made "famous" by the Eventide H910 and Harmonizers. They take the dry signal and add various amounts of pitch shifted voices and delay in an attempt to let the signal take up more sonic landscape or just for a crazy effect. In all my experiences, the effect has notoriously been used (or overused..) on guitars and vocals. 

VoxDoubler Thicken - Widen

As I mentioned a bit previously, both plug-ins do relatively the same thing, they just have a different approach. Thicken takes the dry signal and creates a stereo processed signal. You can then control the panning, delay, pitch shifting, etc. Widen on the other hand creates 2 separate mono processed signals from the dry signal. Again you have the same control for panning, delay, pitch shifting, etc. 

Final Thoughts

After spending some time with these plug-ins, I have to say I like it a lot. They are extremely easy to use. They do a nice job of simplicity and still getting the job done effectively. I go over it a bit more in detail in the video below. I also have some audio examples with both plug-ins.   

Oh, and the UI's are resizable!!!!


Find VoxDoubler here:

A Video Review of the Sonnox VoxDoubler Thicken and Widen

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