Pro Tools PC Team Up With “My Recording Internship” To Offer Outstanding Tutorial Content

We are very proud and excited to announce our partnership with Pro Tools / Studio Tutorial Guru's - My Recording Internship

In the coming weeks and months with their help we will be bringing you some of the most valuable tutorial and experience advice you'll ever need for recording, editing and mixing with Pro Tools.

Here at Pro Tools PC HQ we have always been about trying to get good trustworthy information out there to our users and followers, we know how hard it can be to find accurate and reliable information to just get on, and get your job done without having to wade through sponsored product placement and biased opinion advertising under the thin veil of "tutorial" content.
We believe we have found the perfect partner to bring that to you with our new friends My Recording Internship. What I love most about the MRI team and what instantly drew my attention to them was their total honesty and commitment in what they do, their depth of experience from running their own fully equipped studio and producing "fly on the wall" walkthough's of real recording sessions as they happen, explaining each step along the way so you can keep up with the process throughout. Their In depth screen captured tutorials of the tips, tricks and process you will need in order to work faster and smarter in Pro Tools saving you time, effort and therefore money. Along with their tutorials they also provide downloadable session files so you can work on the actual sessions you see in the videos and feel totally connected to the training.

[embedyt][/embedyt] Like us they are Pro Tools based (Although the general principles can be applied to any DAW), they focus primarily on stock plugins too so there's no need to worry about not getting the same great sounding results due to not owning specific 3rd party plugins.
But they don't just work inside Pro Tools, they venture outside of the box by providing mic'ing videos and other studio techniques, Producer tips, gear advice, blog posts & advice on thought processes and how to psychologically approach mixing, recording and many more subjects.  Coupled with our own Windows based guides, tips "n" tricks, tutorials and our newsblog of the latest gear releases, reviews and technical articles there is very little left for you to need in order to be totally up to date, schooled and fully prepared for your pro audio life.

So what is all this going to cost you ?

NOTHING - that's right a big fat ZERO we are bringing you all of this TOTALLY FREE!

So watch out for some awesome material coming your way  and in the meantime Go check out and like their Facebook page.

And here's a great recording and mixing session video to wet your appetite - See you soon for the beginning of something fantastic!


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