Pro Tools First Cloud Collaboration and Freeze

Pro Tools First Is Getting Cloud Collaboration And Freeze

Avid have just announced via their blog that Pro Tools First is about to get Cloud Collaboration and Freeze features.

This is not only great news for those wishing to try out Pro Tools without investing fully into purchasing or subscribing to a full license but also for those who are already fully signed up owners of Pro Tools because it now means artists can contribute to your projects without owning Pro Tools themselves, they'll simply need to signup for Pro Tools First free of charge and connect into your Pro Tools project.
They should then be able to synchronise with your cloud project to download the content, you can previously freeze any tracks you want if they don't have the relevant plug-ins installed and they can unfreeze anything they do have the plugins for and then contribute and add parts to the project and you'll be able to pickup any additions they make on your system.

This should be perfect for instrumentalists or singers who are not in the same location as you that don't already own Pro Tools and don't want to invest in it themselves at the time but still need to work with you.

This really is a smart move from Avid and one integration I've been hoping for since the Cloud Collaboration and PT First were announced because I have previously though PT First way too limited for any serious consideration.

Lets hope it all works out as smoothly as I hope !

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