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Avid Pro Tools Duet And Quartet By Apogee – Discontinued


Avid have updated their "End Of Life / Support" dates database to now include the Duet and Quartet Audio Interfaces by Apogee.

Its almost seems too soon, these devices were only announced at IBC 2014 so it appears this product line has had an unusually short life span. The final sale date for the products has already passed (being the end of 2016), support will continue until the end of 2021 so like many other discontinued Avid products they "should" receive tech support and compatibility updates until that time.

The announcement of these interfaces back in 2014 was a big surprise as it saw Avid break away from their previous MBox line of small affordable interfaces and partner with a 3rd party brand simply re-badging as Avid products, something we have seen to become more of a trend with the new Avid MTRX and Antelope Orion HD 32 with a few tweaks here and there.

So whats does this leave us thinking?

Do Avid have a new partnership with another brand to produce a new range of small affordable audio interfaces?
Maybe a new Apogee product even?

Do you have one of these interfaces or were you considering buying one soon?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

Venue SC48 Systems also Discontinued

This may also have quite some impact on the live sound world, Avid Also have marked up "All Venue SC48 Systems and all legacy Venue Options & Accessories" to also be End Of Life.

Venue SC48

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