Pro Tools 12.5 Dashboard video tutorial

The Pro Tools 12.5 Dashboard

The Pro Tools 12.5 Dashboard has changed with the addition of Projects.

The dashboard is the central starting point in Pro Tools when creating or opening Sessions (Projects). Depending on what you are wanting to do, will dictate what settings you need to be concerned with. In some cases there are also different ways to accomplish the same goal. We have a look at these different scenarios you will encounter.

In Pro Tools 12.5 there has been some changes due to implementing the new online collaboration feature. When creating a new "session" it is now necessary to select between a "Project" or a "Session" depending on your needs. They have distinct different purposes so understanding the difference is vital. Unfortunately, even if you will not use the online collaboration, you must still cannot ignore the Project setting and why its different. You must also be cautious as the dashboard does default at Project instead of Session.

We go over all the details of the changed Pro Tools 12.5 dashboard. We also go over the different settings you need configure and decide upon when creating a  "Project" or "Session". We go over the differences between Projects and Sessions and when to choose which one. This video also goes over the basics of everything needed to create a Project or Session and get to creating music!

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