Pro Tools 12.5.2

Pro Tools 12.5.2 Update Released

Today Avid released Pro Tools 12.5.2 - An update release that's somewhat minimal for most users but a good sign that even small changes can roll out oficially and are not held back by quantity of fixes.
Updates will be available by the Avid Application manager or your Avid master account download area.
The full details are as follows.

12.5.2 Release Notes

June 29, 2016

Pro Tools 12.5.2 is a support release for the Pro Tools | S6 Master Post Module, which brings advanced track and stem arming workflows to the S6 control surface. Learn more about Pro Tools | S6.


Pro Tools | S6 Master Post Module support

Enhanced EUCON support for track arming and punching in Pro Tools. Read more about the Master Post Module at the Build Your Own S6 page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting HDX systems that would intermittently cause audio to play and record with a robotic or ring modulated distortion
  • Shuffling DSP no longer fails to restore audio when signal from a bus or output is lost - to shuffle DSP hold Shift+Option+Command on Mac or Shift+Ctrl+Alt on Windows and click on a DSP plasma meter in the System Usage window
  • MIDI and Instrument tracks no longer fail to arm when included in a do to all or do to selected command using the “option” modifier
  • Fixed a case where punching in and out and then banking an S6 control surface would crash Pro Tools
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools could crash after switching focus to another EUCON-ized application

Full details available here

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