Pro Tools 12.3 Update Now Available – Here’s A First Look At The New Commit, Waveform & Fade Features

The Pro Tools 12.3 update has just been released and is now showing up in peoples Avid Application manager, So hot on the heels of its availability Pro Tools PC's Steven Gilliland Takes us through some of its key new features "Commit", a new Waveform view and new fade preferences.
Check out the three videos below,  the first showing an overview of Commit in use, the second part showing the various preference options for the commit process and the third showing the waveform view while dragging and additional fade preferences.

Part 1 - Commit Overview



Part 2 - Commit “How To"


Part 3 - Waveform and fades


There are some more features and new preferences we have not covered here yet but We'll post those in subsequent videos soon, So be sure to subscribe to our posts at the top right side of this page to make sure you hear about them when they go live, thanks for checking in with us !

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