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Video Overview – Platinum Samples Ocean Way Drums

We recently had an article and video on the new Platinum Samples Accent. Now we have a video for the Ocean Way Drums library.

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A few weeks back we posted an article about Platinum Samples new product, Ocean Way Drums, Powered by Accent. After some more time with Accent and Ocean Way drums, I decided to put a video together focusing on each of both Accent and exploring the new drum samples. There was a lot of material to cover in Accent and still go through some audio examples of Ocean Way Drums, so I decided to create 2 separate videos and give them each some time in the spotlight. This is the second video of the series focusing on the Ocean Way Drums Sound Library.


Ocean Way drums is a great new sample pack recorded in Ocean Way Room B by Allen Sides and Steven Miller. I set some loops in various styles and play through them with different kits setups and solo and tweak on the mix a bit to showcase some of the different kit pieces. Ocean Way drums include:

  • 4 full drum kits along with 4 extra kicks and snares.
  • Snare mic options of an SM57 and an AKG C12A.
  • Kicks and toms are recorded with the snare strain engaged and disengaged.
  • Each kit also includes hi hat, crash, splash, china, and ride.
  • 3 sets of room mics.
  • Over 2,000 included midi grooves.

The samples are formatted for Platinum Samples Accent and are available at 96kHz/24 bit.

Sides and Miller also created 6 "mix presets" per kit to instantly provide record quality. These mixes are continuously adjustable and range from completely dry to extremely ambient, utilizing the 3 sets of stereo room microphones that reveal Studio B's thunderous acoustics.

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