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Video Overview – Platinum Samples Accent Drum Player

A few weeks back we brought you an exclusive look at Ocean Way Drums powered by Accent. Now we have an in depth video overview.

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A few weeks back we posted an article about Platinum Samples new drum VI called Accent and the Ocean Way drums sample pack. After some more time with Accent and Ocean Way drums, I decided to put together a video showcase. There was a lot of material to cover in Accent and still go through some audio examples of Ocean Way Drums, so I decided to create 2 separate videos and give them each some time in the spotlight. In this first video we are focusing on the features and operation of the sample player, Accent.


Accent is the new drum sample player vi from Platinum Samples. They have long been known for producing lots of great sample packs (Joe Barresi Evil Drums, Andy Johns Classic Drums, Jim Scott Rock Drums, Henry Hirsch Manic Love). These have all been for use in other drum samplers. Ocean Way Drums is the first sample pack created solely for their new vi, Accent.

In the first video we go through and have a look at the different window views. In each of the views I go over the important controls and functions that you need to know to operate the plugin.

We go over different settings in the preferences. Then adding kit pieces, loading and previewing different kit pieces in the Kits view. We also go over different functions in the mixer, such the ways to link kit pieces, use bleed controls, aux sends, and plugins as examples. We also have a short look at the Midi Mapping window and the Grooves view. The Platinum Samples Grooves Volume 1 has over 2,000 groove variations included with it.


The Accent player is available as AAX64, VST2 and AU and supports sample rates up to 96kHz with a resolution of 24 bits.  Accent also includes it’s own internal effects (Gain, Filter, 4 Band EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Gate and  Reverb) as well as has support for 3rd party plugins (VST2, VST3 and AU on OSX and VST2 and VST3 on Windows).  With a resizable user interface and familiar DAW style Mixer users should find it comfortable to use.

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