Paragon Backup and Recovery 16 is Free Until November

I have expressed my like of Paragon Backup and Recovery in the past, including 2 videos on our website here. They are currently offering the full version ($40 value) for free.

I have always been a big supporter of keeping system images through the Windows install process as well as before doing any updates. Windows system updates for example can occasionally go bad. Installing new software is always risky (ILOK...). Occasionally everything goes well but the new software is buggy or has a bug that you are not going to live with. Imaging is the easiest way to keep safety backups of your system.

Paragon to the Rescue!

Paragon Backup and Recovery is a full system image and recovery software. You can backup full drives, individual partitions or specific files and folders. It offers both full and incremental backup options. You can also schedule backup times to perform automatically. There are lot more backup and restoring capabilites you can read about here.

It also offers other fantastic capabilities such as boot recovery options. I should also specify that the boot media must be created from the Backup and Recovery interface before you need it!

It also contains basic partition management capabilities such as creating a partition, deleting a partition, formatting, changing drive properties such as name and letter. VM users can have images backed up and created in multiple different player formats (VmWare, Virtual Box, Hyper-V).


  1. Download the software
  2. Install
  3. Create a user account from the interface.
  4. In the Paragon confirmation email, confirm the account and set the password in your account.
  5. Return back to the Backup and Recovery software and sign in to your account.
  6. A serial number will be generated and license the software.
  7. Backup your system!!


Its a great software in my experience and the price cannot be beat!

Backup and Recovery Homepage

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