Native Instruments Komplete 11

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Details Released Online

Just a couple of weeks after we first saw an accidental product shot of Native Instruments Komplete 11 on USA retailer's website and posted about it here another website has prematurely released more details that we can show you here:

Native Instruments Komplete 11

Despite obvious excitement around the rumours of an update to Komplete there only seems to be actually one totally new product all other new additions having been already previously released in one form or other.

New additions are listed as:

Native Instruments Form

So what appears to to be the only totally new/unreleased product is "Form".
Which to me looks like a granular resysnthesis engine much like Will Bedford's (Fracture Sounds) Granulate 2, I could be totally wrong on that as it is just a hunch but if true is a little cheeky of NI perhaps?


The only other product(s) that seem to be semi-new is the Symphony Essentials which appears at first glance to be a cut down collection of the SoundIron Symphony Series.

Native Instruments have now uploaded a teaser/trailer video and Pre orders are now being taken on the Native Instruments Website.


So as can only be expected (and to what its original intention always was) Komplete 11 is simply a collection of the vast majority of already released NI products in one bundle.
We have become a little accustomed to expecting some big new product releases when Komplete gets announced but we should remember thats not really the point of Komplete.
Still no sign of Kontakt 6 though, which is probably what most people were looking out for.

Looking at the image above there does appear to be a new version of Komplete Slect too with a accompanying USB stick.
Check out the differences between the 3 version of Komplete 11 at the Japanese RockOn website here.

Other retailers such as Scan in the UK are also now listing details as you can see here.

Prices appear as follows:

Full price Komplete 11 Select £148.80

Full price Komplete 11 £469.20

Full price Komplete 11 Ultimate £928.80

Upgrade price Komplete 11 (from Komplete version 2-10) £148.80

Upgrade price Komplete 11 (from Komplete Select) £298.80

Upgrade price Komplete 11 Ultimate (from Komplete 8-10) £469.20

Upgrade price Komplete 11 Ultimate (from Komplete Select) £769.20

Upgrade price Komplete 11 Ultimate (from any previous version of Komplete Ultimate) £298.80

What are your thoughts of this as a Komplete release?

Would you have like to see more new products?

Less library based and more Synthesis or effects perhaps?

Or maybe more Libraries in different directions than currently?

Be sure to leave us a comment of your thoughts below, share the story with your friends and if you want more of this kind of content delivered straight to your email inbox sign up for our mailing list right here.

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