More Empirical Labs Plug-Ins On the Way ?

EL Distressor
Spotted On Facebook, a rather excited Dave Derr of Empirical Labs' posted this quite revealing picture and statement,

Something's Finally Coming

It's only been due for like 20 years...

And NO, it's not actually called "The Real Thing!" But why buy a cheap imitation? ::wink::


Although this is not the first time we've seen a plugin version of Empirical Labs hardware as there has been a UAD version of the Fatso available for quite some time (Pictured - Click for a larger view) so does this mean more EL products are being turned into plugins?
UAD Fatso

I'm sure most people will be hoping for a software version of EL's most famous product the EL8 Distressor !

  • So many questions are now going to be raised such as:
  • Is this going to be another UAD exclusive development or AAX Native / AAX DSP ?
  • Will the other major formats such as AU and VST be available?
  • Is this just one plugin being developed or is the whole suite of EL hardware products being ported to software?
  • Will we see a UAD "unison" version of the EL MIKE-E?
  • How long are we going to have to wait to get to see this ?

Which of EL's products do you think would lend themselves best to being ported to software?

distressor fatso LIL Freq Mike E

Well Its very exciting times so say the least,
Watch this space for more developments and tell us what you think !



A discussion has now started on Gearslutz and Dave Derr is answering a few questions, One thing we now know is that it's a Native rather than DSP Plug-In which is universally great news to start things off !

Follow the thread as it evolves here:

*Update 5th December 2015*
Dave posted another Teaser picture revealing a little more of the GUI and it also now seems that this plugin(s) will have some unique features not found on any of the EL hardware.

*Update 11th December 2015*
Another picture was uploaded today giving us a much better idea of the plugin layout and GUI and showing us compression ratio's
ELI Puz Dotted1

*Update 15th December 2015"


As well as the supported plugin formats.

SUPPORTED target formats for release are:
Mac AAX 32-bit Native
Mac AAX 32-bit DSP
Mac AAX 64-bit Native
Mac AAX 64-bit DSP
Mac AU 64-bit
Mac VST2 64-bit
Mac VST3 64-bit
Win AAX 32-bit Native
Win AAX 32-bit DSP
Win AAX 64-bit Native
Win AAX 64-bit DSP
Win VST2 64-bit
Win VST3 64-bitUNSUPPORTED (untested) but included are:
Mac AU 32-bit
Mac VST2 32-bit
Mac VST3 32-bitUNSUPPORTED (untested) and not included (we can generate them, but they are not currently distributed) are:
Win VST2 32-bit
Win VST3 32-bit
*Update 18th December 2015*
EL Distressor Puzzle
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