Kazrog thermionk

Kazrog Thermionik Amp Plug-In Demo Now Available

The 14 day free demo version of Kazrog Thermionik is available now!
Try all 25 models from this acclaimed amp modeling plugin suite in your favorite DAW

Since it release at the beginning of the year one of the most requested features fro this plugin has been a demo version, Well not wanting to disappoint Kazrog are now giving you that chance to test drive these ultra realistic Amp models unrestricted for 14 days.

Thermionik is Kazrog’s critically acclaimed, ever-growing suite of guitar amp modeling plugins, designed for complete tonal accuracy and control, emulating a wide range of guitar amplifiers spanning all eras of electric guitar from vintage to modern.

Each amp model is its own separate plugin, embracing the modular, integrative philosophy of the modern guitarist. Thermionik amp model plugins are designed to be used in conjunction with Recabinet – but you can use any other cabinet simulation plugin.

All Thermionik plugins support Mac OS X andWindows platforms, VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Each plugin has an options panel that includes options such as preamp and poweramp bypass toggles, wet/dry processing ratio, +/- 24dB input level adjustment, 6 emulation quality levels, force mono (useful in stereo-only hosts), and more!

Go Get The Demo Now !

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