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Kazrog Thermionik 5 Guitar Amp Plug-In – Out Now With 25 New Amp Models

Thermionik – Professional Native Amp Modeling

Thermionik is Kazrog’s critically acclaimed, ever-growing suite of guitar amp modeling plugins, designed for complete tonal accuracy and control, emulating a wide range of guitar amplifiers spanning all eras of electric guitar from vintage to modern.

Each amp model is its own separate plugin, embracing the modular, integrative philosophy of the modern guitarist. Thermionik amp model plugins are designed to be used in conjunction with Recabinet – but you can use any other cabinet simulation plugin.

All Thermionik plugins support Mac OS X and Windows platforms, VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Each plugin has an options panel that includes options such as preamp and poweramp bypass toggles, wet/dry processing ratio, +/- 24dB input level adjustment, 6 emulation quality levels, force mono (useful in stereo-only hosts), and more!

Read the Kazrog Guitar FX User Guide to learn more about each amp model.

Thermionik – Amp Model List

Plugin Name
Inspired by
Thermionik Bassmensch Fender '59 Bassman Vintage Legends I
Thermionik Blackverb Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Vintage Legends I
Thermionik Chimp Fender '62 Champ Vintage Legends I
Thermionik Damage 120 ENGL Savage 120 Modern Classics I
Thermionik Duality 2ch Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (2 channel) Modern Classics II
Thermionik Duality 3ch Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (3 channel) Modern Classics I
Thermionik FB100 Friedman BE-100 Boutique Tones I
Thermionik M2B Mesa Boogie Mark IIB Boutique Tones I
Thermionik M2CP Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Boutique Tones I
Thermionik M4 Mesa Boogie Mark IV Boutique Tones I
Thermionik Marshland 45 Marshall JTM45 Sonic Empire I
Thermionik Marshland 800 Marshall JCM800 Modern Classics II
Thermionik Marshland Jumpy78 Marshall '78 JMP (stock) Sonic Empire I
Thermionik Marshland Jumpy79J Marshall '79 JMP (Jose Arredondo mod) Sonic Empire I
Thermionik Marshland Jumpy79S Marshall '79 JMP (Mike Soldano mod) Sonic Empire I
Thermionik OgreTuber Bogner Uberschall (original, not Twin Jet) Modern Classics II
Thermionik Plexi Marshall Super Lead 1959 "Plexi" 100W Sonic Empire I
Thermionik Psycho A Peavey 5150 Modern Classics I
Thermionik Psycho B Peavey 5150 II Modern Classics I
Thermionik Psycho C EVH/Fender 5150 III Modern Classics II
Thermionik Serpent Framus Cobra Modern Classics I
Thermionik Solid 100 Soldano SLO 100 Modern Classics II
Thermionik Super 1690 Supro 1690T Coronado Boutique Tones I
Thermionik Vocal30 Vox AC30 Vintage Legends I
Thermionik Vocal30 TB Vox AC30 (Top Boost) Vintage Legends I
Best of all, if you already own Recabinet 4, you get a free update to version 5 of its included amp emulation bundle - Modern Classics I. This means you get all of the channels, features, and controls of the emulated hardware (many of which were omitted in version 4), plus the all new Thermionik 5 engine, which improves tube and tone stack modeling accuracy, and lowers CPU usage. Also, you get a free update to our flagship cabinet simulator - Recabinet 5, (coming in February.)

Discount offer for Recabinet 4 owners - Take 40% off any new Thermionik 5model packs using coupon code E44F5A52 in the Kazrog store (be sure to log in, as the coupon requires a valid Recabinet 4 license in your account.)

If you participated in our VIP crowdfunding campaign - you get everything we released today - free! It's already in your account, just log in to download it.

Demo plugin downloads and sound clips will be going live over the course of the next week. Thank you for your patience - in the mean time, check the Kazrog Forum on KVRAudio.com for user-uploaded clips.

If you have any questions - please see our new FAQ, and open a support ticket if you need help. Thanks, and enjoy Thermionik 5!


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