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Kazrog KClip 2 and KClip 2 Pro Clipper Plug-Ins Coming Soon

Kazrog LLC is excited to announce the upcoming launch of KClip 2 and KClip 2 Pro – the sequel and enhanced version, respectively, to our highly regarded flagship mastering clipper plugin for VST, AU, and AAX formats on Windows and Mac operating systems. Learn more about the original KClip version 1.

KClip 2 (a free upgrade for KClip 1 owners) adds much-requested features such as metering and waveform display, in addition to gapless internal bypass, preset functionality, 32x oversampling (double the original), and inverse gain linking. KClip 2 Pro expands upon the feature set with 4 soft clipping modes (smooth, crisp, tube, and tape), offline render mode with up to 256x oversampling, 5.1 surround support, and expanded factory presets.

What’s new in KClip 2?

Feature/Price Comparison:

Features: KClip 2 Standard KClip 2 Pro
All KClip 1 features x x
Waveform displays x x
Clip process amount metering x x
RMS metering x x
Smooth soft clipping x x
Crisp soft clipping x
Tube saturation x
Tape saturation x
Oversampling Up to 32x Up to 256x (offline)
Offline render mode x
Inverse linked in/out gain toggle x x
5.1 surround support x
Internal gapless bypass x x
Cross platform preset load/save x x
New Price $20 $60
Upgrade Price from KClip 1 Free $25
Upgrade Price from KClip 2 Standard N/A $40
*Pre-order includes KClip 1 download.

Pre Order Your's Here

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