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Ilok Cloud With Pro Tools

One of the major love/hate relationships with Pro Tools (and many plugin devs) is the Ilok.  Without the Ilok, Pro Tools will not run period. There has never been a machine authorization option like some plugin devs use that can relieve some of the stress. Traveling with the Ilok or even letting it leave your place can be a risky proposition for the fear of getting lost, theft, or damaged. The Ilok 3 is rather small, just keeping track of it in my own place in transport between the computer and the safe can be difficult!

Finally a second authorization option is available. You can now authorize Pro Tools via a cloud authorization!

There are Rules

A few rules that must be adhered to though. 

  1. you must sync your Ilok before hand and remove your Pro Tools license from it. 
  2. you must have an internet connection
  3. you must know your ILM login information. 
  4. plugins or other software will need to be updated to work from a cloud license. So just because Pro Tools will launch via cloud, does not mean your plugins will. 
  5. only 1 cloud session can be run at any 1 time. 

That is really about it. You can log into your ILM account and start your cloud session and then launch Pro Tools. The other option is to just launch Pro Tools and sign into your ILM account when you are asked for the information. 

In conclusion, it really is that simple (Assuming you remember to sync your Ilok and remove your license ahead of time).  I really like this addition and look forward to more plugin devs updating their software and adding to the usefulness of it. 

Video overview of the Ilok Cloud with Pro Tools

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