Identify Beat in Pro Tools Video Tutorial

How to Identify a Tempo In Pro Tools

In this video we show how to take a track in Pro Tools and Identify the session tempo using Identify Beat.

In this video we tackle a common task you may be asked to perform as an engineer (or for personal needs). We take an audio track and identify the session tempo from it. There are few different reasons of wanting to find the tempo. A grid to edit with, to sync time base effects such as delays, to program VI's to play along with the audio, are a few examples. In this video we go over how to identify a tempo in Pro Tools.

In this example I used a multitrack session sent to me by a band and asked to mix. I selected the overhead drum mics to pick the tempo from. I selected it as it was the only consistent track with transients I had to work with. Then I show how to go about counting it out and then how to apply the tempo to the session. I also explain multiple scenarios and different ways to accomplish different tasks.

This video is 1 part of a multipart video series on changing session tempo's. We have 2 other videos related to this,Using the Tempo Ruler and Using the Tempo Operations Window. The Tempo ruler is a quick but more course way to change your session tempo. This video goes over the proper settings in Pro Tools for the different views you need to work with tempo changes easily. The Tempo Operations Window is a more precise way to change your tempo. The Operations Window is quite powerful and has a lot of options for changing your tempo.

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