Pro Tools 12.6 Release Notes (Click To Expand The List)

Bug Fixes:


Fixed a class of performance issues that were associated with viewing core plug-in windows during playback such as a case of -9173 with the Click II plug-in


Fixed graphical issues that could occur when moving tracks or clips vertically within the edit window

The commit operation no longer creates both a whole file clip and an identical sub clip. Only a whole file clip is created

Using "Create Individual" and "Clip by Clip" settings for Audiosuite processing no longer modifies clip boundaries unexpectedly

Tracks created by a committing an Elastic Audio enabled tick-based track no longer fail to respond to tempo changes

Track Bounce no longer creates a file with an incorrect original timecode value

Import Session Data and Import Audio

Imported audio files with names containing 2-byte language characters or certain non-English language characters no longer fail to be found when searching the Clips List

Fixed an Import Session Data issue that could delete plug-in automation without warning when matching to tracks in the current session with plug-in instances that were not automation enabled before import

Fixed an issue with Import Session Data that would fail to import tracks that did not have any whole file audio clips on the active playlist

Fixed a case where groups that are active in a source session are imported as inactive after Import Session Data

The "Consolidate" option in Import Session Data no longer copies the full file for clips that should be consolidated instead


The Channel Strip Low Pass Filter Frequency parameter responds to automation more accurately

A warning is now presented while attempting to remove plug-ins that have been automated from tracks that are inactive

Fixed a case where Master Fader tracks would switch automation mode to Auto Latch after a Bounce to Disk

The duplicate command no longer fails to operate on automation on frozen tracks

Fixed a case where some 3rd party plug-in automation written in previous Pro Tools versions would not play back in 12.5-12.5.2

Crashes and Errors (Please continue to submit crash logs!)

Fixed a crash that could occur when resizing a video track

Fixed a crash that could occur inserting the Downmixer plug-in on a track during playback

Fixed a crash caused by cancelling the Rename dialog while using Strip Silence

Fixed a crash that could occur separating clips containing certain combinations of fades

Fixed a crash caused by moving inMusic VIP between inserts

Fixed a crash that could occur when nudging clips

Fixed a crash that could occur when downloading track changes that included a new version of an existing audio file

Fixed a crash that could occur after using Destructive Punch and turning delay compensation on and off

Fixed a crash that could occur while using S6 and closing a session while a track is in playlist view and the edit selection is placed on that track's main playlist

Fixed a crash that could occur when re-calculating waveform overviews for a file that was moved or renamed

Fixed a hang that could occur undoing nudge commands by clicking in the Undo History window

Fixed a hang that could occur when using the trim scrub tool on certain clips

Fixed Access Violation errors that could occur using Clip Gain and Audiosuite in some cases on Windows 10


The Video Engine no longer fails to initialize on a non-Administrator account if Pro Tools hadn't previously been launched by an Administrator account on the same OS install (Mac OS only)

Using Bounce to Quicktime no longer fails to bounce audio in sessions created from an AAF with a project type other than 1080p24

Playback of one half frame timeline selections no longer cause a video engine error

Creating a new session from a template containing a video track and one or more video clips no longer asks to import the video file


Fixed a bug that prevented selection of multiple "TC Rate" values in Workspace advanced search

Workspace no longer fails to display all channels for a multichannel file after renaming

Workspace window position no longer fails to save when closing and reopening


Fixed an issue that could cause noise to appear in clips with fades when consolidating

Fixed a slow memory leak that could occur while Pro Tools was left running for many hours

Fixed an issue that could cause track solos to be ignored during the countoff

Disabling "Link Mix/Edit Group Enable" no longer fails to unlink mix and edit groups when changing active state

Fixed an issue that could cause Aux tracks to erroneously switch to Frames track view

Copy to send no longer generates unexpected send volume levels on frozen tracks

Inactive tracks no longer fail to be made active if the track selection also contains tracks that are already active

Fixed an issue that could cause artifacts to be recorded when stopping a destructive punch record pass if system delay is greater than 5000 samples

MIDI Tracks in the "Single Note" track view restore correctly when reopening sessions

While using S6 and controlling multiple machines in a satellite network, soloing a track in X-OR no longer fails across machines

Fixed an issue that would disable Elastic Audio without updating the Elastic Audio algorithm selector UI when using the do-to-all modifier to choose an algorithm if some tracks already have an algorithm setting

Fixed an installation issue that could prevent ICON and C|24 from working on Windows 10

Increased the click zone size for black squares in the Fades dialog used to adjust fade in and out start points for crossfades with unlinked fade ins and fade outs

The state and position of the floating Transport window no longer fails to be stored and recalled with window configurations

Fixed a case where the timeline insertion point may roll backward slightly after stopping a Destructive Punch record pass

Fixed a case where installation of a new plug-in would not be detected when launching Pro Tools

Fixed an issue that could cause installation of Pro Tools to fail if a prior installation of Media Composer 8.5.2 had taken place

Improved translations throughout the application

Artist Chat:

Fixed cases where Project chat rooms did not display a name in Artist Chat

Fixed a case where it was possible to leave "Display Name" empty before beginning to collaborate

Fixed an issue that could cause Artist Chat to only update once after signing in

Fixed various issues with sending a contact request to an e-mail address

Fixed various issues with sending and receiving project invitations

Collaboration and Project Sync:

Fixed a case where the save command could take 30 seconds to execute for a Project using many thousands of audio files

Fixed an issue that could prevent some users from deleting projects or creating new ones

If there are track changes and tempo ruler changes in a download queue, the queue is sequenced so that tick based tracks are not modified out of sync with tempo changes

Fixed many issues with Project functionality that could occur after network connectivity is interrupted

Upload all new changes command no longer fails to operate on hidden tracks

Fixed a case where unshared tracks could display deactivated collaboration UI elements

Unfreezing a shared Aux or Instrument track no longer fails to register a track change

Fixed a case where the global upload button may not clear after sharing a track change that included a Commit operation

Fixed a case where uploads of some files could stall while uploading a single track that contained hundreds of audio file

Fixed a case where files could be missing after using Save Copy In to convert a session to a project

While using Shared as Frozen, parameter changes that would not affect the rendered audio no longer require re-freezing

Audio files that were uploaded as part of a project synchronization before being shared for collaboration are not re-uploaded if the track becomes shared

Drawing a tempo change no longer causes all shared tracks to register a track change

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