Pro Tools 10 is 32bit, why don’t you offer a 32bit version of Windows?

Since Pro Tools version 9.04 it has been completely compatible with Windows 64bit and Pro Tools 11 is now fully 64bit native. A 64bit environment brings performance advantages, not to 32bit Pro Tools, but to the system as a whole in being to access more memory. Pro Tools versions up to 10 can only ever utilise a maximum of 4GB of RAM, but unlike 32bit Windows where some of that RAM is needed by the system, in 64bit Windows Pro Tools 10 can use the full 4GB while the system uses memory above 4GB. So in all cases it’s advantageous to use 64bit Windows. If you are using an older version of Pro Tools or have some other specific reason to use 32bit Windows then please contact us and we’ll be able to provide a 32bit system for you.

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