Happy Thanksgiving To Our Friends In the USA + Black Friday Discount Deal

We have been hard at work making some quite significant changes at Pro Tools PC HQ in the last few months and we are incredibly proud to now be able to share the details with you.

We are now fully up to date with the latest and fastest Intel Skylake Processor technology Which includes utilisation of super fast DDR4 memory on all of our systems. With the new technology comes new even better prices which means you are getting even more bang for you buck.

We have also launched this brand new website which is also the home of our new Newsblog where you’ll see all the very latest industry news, Avid Pro Tool Specific information & update details (We pride ourselves on being right on the button with Pro Tools news first  so subscribe to our posts to hear it before anyone else). We’ll also have plugin walkthroughs & reviews as well as a whole raft of informational/tutorial content to help you develop your Pro Tools skills further.

Lastly We'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to our fiends in the USA! We would like to show our thanks by offering you an opportunity to save some money on your Pro Tools PC purchase this Black Friday and of course say thank you to everyone who has shown us such warm support for what we do.

Use the discount code BFDEAL at checkout and save £100 GBP on any Pro Tools PC over the value of £1000 GBP in the UK and Europe and $100 USD on any Pro Tools PC over the Value of $2000 USD in the USA and Canada. (Offer ends December 1st 2015).

Head over to the shop now by clicking here.

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