Fxpansion Acquired By ROLI

News has just been posted that Fxpansion have been acquired by keyboard innovators ROLI, In their statement Fxpansion say:

We’re thrilled to announce that FXpansion has been acquired by ROLI, a fellow leader in music technology innovation — and the company behind the Seaboard, the multidimensionally expressive instrument acclaimed as “the future of the keyboard”.

Together with ROLI, we'll keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in audio software development. We're looking forward to integrating our technologies over the long term — while continuing to develop and support the FXpansion products that you know and love.

Angus Hewlett, founder and CEO, says, “This acquisition is a momentous opportunity for FXpansion. We’ve been creating innovative music software since 2001, and it’s clear to us that hybrid instruments offering multidimensional control will define the future of music production. Together, ROLI and FXpansion can create best-in-class instruments, as we continue to develop the FXpansion products our users know and love.”

How does this change affect you? There are no immediate changes to our products, and it's business as usual. You’ll continue to access registered products and downloads through your user account and receive the same product support via our Support Hub. Our development team will continue to provide the maintenance updates you expect. We're pushing forward with exciting new products and updates including BFD 3.2 and Cypher2, and will continue to create expansion packs and engaging educational videos.

In coming months you’ll see early signs of collaboration. But it’s in the long term that you’ll really feel the benefits of our partnership, as we combine our expertise across music hardware and software to develop amazingly expressive instruments — and update FXpansion products to make them better than ever before.

Whether you’re a new customer or have been with us since Angus created his first virtual instruments, we’re deeply grateful for your support and encouragement. It’s been 15 years since our first fully featured virtual instrument, the drum synthesiser/sampler DR008. Since then we’ve built a much larger collection of sounds, effects and instruments that have won numerous awards. We’re confident that we’ll develop even better versions of our products as we begin working together with ROLI.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us through the Support Hub, Forum or via our social media channels.


The FXpansion Team


Will I continue to have access to my FXpansion products?
Yes - you will continue to have access to your fxpansion.com user account and all of your products and downloads.
Will I continue to have access to support for my FXpansion products?
Yes - you will continue to receive FXpansion product support through our support hub
Will my FXpansion products continue to receive updates?
Yes - the FXpansion team will continue to maintain and upgrade current product lines.
Will there be any changes to the FXpansion product authorisation system?
No - the FXpansion authorisation system will remain the same.
Will FXpansion develop new products?
Yes - the FXpansion team will continue to develop new and exciting products with the ROLI team.
Will I automatically receive emails from ROLI?
No - If you have signed up to receive news from FXpansion you will continue to receive monthly newsletters from FXpansion as normal. From time to time we include relevant third party product news and promotions.
Will there be any changes to terms and conditions?
No - there are no planned changes to our standard terms and conditions, license transfer policy or end user license agreement.
Will I be entitled to any discounts on ROLI products?
The ROLI and FXpansion teams are exploring how to help both customer groups discover and enjoy their products. We will be in touch with any offers, but there are none at this time.

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