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Free Galaxy Drums License with Purchase!

We worked up a great deal with Kris from Space Cabin Audio. For the month of August, get a free Galaxy Drums license with a computer purchase over $2000. ($150 value) 

Galaxy Drums is the first sample pack created by Space Cabin Audio. This ground breaking drum library encompasses heavyweight studio drum tones and an extensive depth of dynamics, with acute sensitivity and attack. Galaxy Drums includes two, four piece drum sets, four snares, 2 hi hats, 3 crash cymbals, 2 ride cymbals, a china, and a splash cymbal.  

The kits recorded were chosen for their superior tonality and versatility. With the choice of a vintage maple drum set and a custom stainless steel kit this pack provides a variety of massive toms and punchy warm bass drum opportunities. The four highly sought after snare drums create options for different metals and wood snares that give you the advantage of finding the perfect accompaniment for your specific musical requirements. With a wide range of tones that vary in colour and attack, you have the ability to script the ultimate combination to accomplish the perfect accents.

Powered by Platinum Samples incredible new Accent engine, Galaxy Drums is able to offer the most expressive configurable and ultimately the most awesome sounding mix ready virtual drum package on the market today.

There is lots of audio examples and video tutorials available at the Space Cabin Audio homepage.

Processor Updates!

Systems built with the new Intel Kaby Lake X and Sky Lake X processors are now available!! This is an exciting update that will give a significant boost in power over the previous generation. The video card options and base model card that come with the systems have also been updated! Details are found here.


To be eligible, the minimum purchase price of the computer must be $2000. That price excludes shipping and any hardware or software. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Only available with purchases through the U.S. store and purchases in the U.S. and Canada. 

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