Chroma - Stylus RMX Format

Free Chroma Stylus RMX Library By In Session Audio

Chroma brings the sound of Fluid Harmonics to the Stylus RMX format.

By combining guitars, synths and sound design Chroma allows Stylus RMX users to create beds of melodic pulses and tonal rhythms in any key and at any tempo.
With a chromatic layout, users can “play” Stylus RMX “like a keyboard” to easily combine parts to create any chord that is needed.
Chroma is the first In Session Audio release to be part of the BPM Flex Series. This means that any loop can be used at virtually any tempo without the use of artificial stretching.
Additionally, Chroma users will experience a rare-seen feature: multi-track loops and MIDI files triggered from a single channel!
Useful, intuitive and flexible, Chroma is a welcome addition to any Stylus RMX user.

Multi-track Loops: Chroma’s Mix suites allow for simultaneous playback of parts 1 and parts 2 – not just a typical mix of the two bounced into one piece of audio (shown above).

BPM Flex Series: Use any loop at virtually any tempo without the use of artificial stretching. Listen to this loop go from 120 BPM to 70 BPM.

More Parts: Chroma breaks Stylus RMX’s limit of “61 files per suite” by offering 144 parts in the “Mix” suites and 72 in the “Part” suites.


Size: Approximately 4.5 GB

Parts: 1728

Sound: Uses a variety of electric and acoustic guitars and synths

Copy Protected: Custom Watermarked

Tempo Range: 78-124. But as part of the BPM Flex Series™ all parts can be used at a wide range of tempos while remaining intact and on time.

Requirements: Spectrasonics’ Stylus RMX

Because each Chroma suite features a large amount of content it is suggested that users store their Stylus RMX “User Libraries” folder (and thus Chroma) on a solid state drive. This will improve load time.

Installation: Chroma does not require the user to convert the library using RMX’s SAGE Converter. Simply decompress the files and drag-and-drop the “Chroma – In Session Audio” folder into RMX’s “User Libraries” folder.

Although it’s quick and easy, we supply visual instruction in the .pdf.

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