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Audio Giant Focusrite have just published a rather nice information resource webpage dedicated to, and named Focusrite Precision Conversion.
The page details the important factors to consider when designing and manufacturing the best possible Analogue to Digital / Digital to Analogue audio converters as well as hosting a very good video interview with one of Focusrite's key early digital product designers Dave Malham.

Here's an excerpt that the page begins with:

The Key To Quality,
Analogue to digital (A-D) and digital to analogue (D-A) conversion is at the heart of any computer audio interface, and quality conversion is something that Focusrite has been doing for almost as long as it has been creating microphone preamps. The first Focusrite digital converter, released in 1996, was part of the acclaimed Blue range of mastering processors: the Blue 245 A-D. It was designed by Dr Dave Malham, then at the University of York and an acknowledged expert in digital audio. Here he is talking about what took him into digital conversion system design and the work that went into the Blue 245. He also discusses the design criteria that go to make up a high quality digital audio conversion system, and the factors that affect the system's performance."

The page then goes on to describe details of:

  • The Foundations Of Digital Audio
  • Digital Audio Today
  • Keys To Converter Design
  • Physical Design
  • About The Chips
  • Word Lengths
  • Sample Rates

If you think you have what it takes to follow in Dave Malham's footsteps and are based in the UK, Focusrite are now hiring electronics development staff

Either way I highly recommend you go over and take a look at the page in question and make sure you watch the video interview here;

Focusrite Precision Conversion

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