Empirical Labs New Plugin Is Not The Distressor – Its The Arousor !

Yes that's right, I'm sure most people were thinking Dave Derr and his coding Boffins were developing a software plugin of the legendary Distressor and today Dave dropped the bombshell that its actually something new - the Arousor !
Ok so at its heart is the DNA of the classic Distressor design but there are some rather unique features to the Arousor that we can now see from its fully unveiled GUI.

The Arousor adds:

  • 1.5:1 and 8:1 Ratio's.
  • Instead of the Distressor's "NUKE" it gets "RIVET".
  • Attack Modification.
  • Soft Clipping with "Warm" (0.5% THD), "Hot" (3% THD), "Toasty" (8% THD), "Pinned" (14% THD) with a saturation control knob.
  • A Side Chain Detector High Pass Filter and EQ.
  • A mix "Blend" knob to balance between dry and compressed/effected signal.

It's really nice to see the classic Distressor design evolve into something new, it would have been so easy just to emulate the same unit in software but thinking ahead Dave and his team have built upon what they do best and come up with some very attractive new features that I don't think anyone will be complaining about.

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