Empirical Labs “Distressor” Plug-In Price, Release Date And Further Details Announced

After a few months of semi-silence Dave Derr of Empirical Labs has just released further details of his upcoming software plugin:

The price of the plug-in will be $349 USD,
This price includes free upgrades until 2020. There will be some pretty neat surprises along the way - a big part of the reason this plug-in took so long is to plan well into the future, yet always keep it backwards compatible. That is NOT easy to do!

Gill Griffith of Wave Distro the distribution company for Empirical Labs said:

When I starting taking the Distressor around to studios and engineers in 1996, many of them said to me "c'mon Gil, does the world really need another compressor?"
I said then, and I'll say now - 'trust me - this is *not* just another compressor.'

Dave Goes on to say:

So here is the other half of the Saturation section. It's not only a high-res, and life-saving metering circuit... It's a Distortion Analyzer! ::wink::

The way we did the Saturation, you can easily get yourself into deep trouble, because on single tracks, you can cram those suckers right up against the rails and barely hear it... until later, when you had some sleep, and are listening in headphones. On full mixes the Saturation is more audible, as usual. But this little meter has carefully selected distortion points indicated, and will become instantly re-assuring when setting the Saturation.

The Distortion Analyzer part is amazingly accurate. If you apply test tones and crunch the Saturation up, the 3% indicator light comes on reallllly close to 3% Total Harmonic Distortion. (Just slightly before actually). I think you guys will not only find it essential, considering how much level you can gain with the saturator without hearing it, BUT... also a learning tool. For the first time on a plugin, you can start to hear the crunchiness, then look where you are on the Saturation meter and go "Yup, just like I thought, I am hitting 8% Distortion." The manual will go into more detail, but ... you won't care after using this Saturation section.


The release date is penned in for May 1st 2016 so look out for it and some audio demo's soon !

We've been following this one since way back in November 2015 If this is new news to you, you can catch  up on our previous story here:


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