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Dynameter By Ian Shepherd & Meterplugs – Just $69 PLUS A New Update Feature.

Mastering Engineer Ian Shepherd has once again teamed up with plug-in developers Meterplugs to bring us Dynameter, now you can see the dynamics of you music in real time !

Stop Worrying About Loudness, Start Working With Dynamics

Here’s a video Ian put together to help explain what Dynameter is all about.

With Dynameter, you can…

  • Instantly assess the dynamics of your music

  • See how dynamic your audio is at a glance.

  • Optimize the punch and power of your audio

  • Measure the best sounding music out there, and match it.

  • Achieve competitive loudness on any platform

  • Ensure minimal playback level changes when streaming online.

  • Choose your target dynamics profile

  • Choose a suitable preset or your own custom setting.

  • Stop worrying about loudness

  • Gain an intuitive feel for optimal levels of compression and limiting.

Is That a Waveform?

No. So what exactly does Dynameter show?

Dynameter displays a measurement called PSR – the difference between the peak level and the loudness. Higher PSR readings are typically found with more dynamic recordings, whereas heavily limited or clipped material usually shows lower PSR values. Dynameter measures the PSR in realtime, and also displays a colour-coded history graph, giving you an intuitive snapshot view of the dynamic profile of your music.

Now With An Added “P.L.R.” Feature To Deal With Online Streaming.

It’s not about “how to be loud” anymore.

It’s about “What does loudness mean online ?”

Because that’s where everyone listens to music, that’s where everyone shares music, that’s where everyone discovers music.

Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify and all the rest.

And everywhere you go, loudness is managed. Loudness is normalised. It’s measured in different ways, it’s normalised to different levels, and implemented with different tools, but you can’t get away from it.

The loudness of your file is irrelevant, in the 21st century

The question “how do I make my music loud” is irrelevant.

The question you need to be asking is:

“What happens to loudness online ?”

Actually you don’t really need to, because Ian already has!

And all you have to do to find out , is watch the video above!


  • Select a dynamic profile “target”
  • Presets for getting started
  • 90 minute PSR history
  • Zoom history in/out
  • Numeric PSR reading


Mac and Windows 32/64-bit compatible.

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