Confirmed – Pro Tools First Will Use Cloud Collaboration Into Full Pro Tools Projects

One of the upcoming features of Pro Tool 12.5 will be the long awaited and much talked about "Cloud Collaboration" option which was first showcased as the initial "Avid Everywhere" concept around two years ago.
Pro Tools First was one major roll out that was also touted to be part of the master plan and although it appears to be very well featured its major limitation of not being able to save or export projects to an offline state has left many potential users a little baffled as to its usefulness almost to the point of it being considered a "Save disabled" demo version.

One thing I've personally thought would bring First into the realms of viable tool would be to allow a first user to contribute into a full paying Pro Tools users session without having to invest in the full version of Pro Tools themselves.
For example: a session guitarist who uses another DAW is asked to contribute to a Pro Tools session, they would either have to work the old fashioned way and use their choice of DAW to track into, export stems or tracks as individual audio files with some form of time or positional reference (with stems usually being the full length of the song to all line up without any positional problems) and use a file delivery system such as Dropbox or Google Drive etc to pass on the material to the destination.
Or (but far less likely) they could invest in a copy of Pro Tools themselves and load up the full session to track into and pass that on to the collaborator.

What I had hoped but have not before seen confirmed as Avid's intention would be for a collaborator to be able to download Pro Tools First and use it to contribute into the destination Pro Tools session. We did know that when the cloud collaboration feature is integrated into Pro Tools that users of both the standard and HD versions or Pro Tools would be able to collaborate with each other but we were yet to see any confirmation of "First" users being able to join in on these collaborations - Until now.

Avid’s Pro Audio Marketing Manager Tom Graham has confirmed in this video interview conducted by Audiofanzine that this will indeed be the intention in the future - Great News !


Also here is a video by RockoNCompany showing the full video press release presentation of the cloud collaboration platform.



Here is Avid's full official press release for Pro Tools 12.5 at NAMM 2016

ANAHEIM, Calif., Jan. 21, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NAMM (Hall A, Booth #6400) -- Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today announced that the highly anticipated Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools is now available to select customers through an “Early Access” beta program. Avid Cloud Collaboration makes it easy for artists and audio professionals to compose, record, edit, and mix projects from any location worldwide, a key tenet of Avid Everywhere™. In support of this release, Avid also announced that the Artist Community, an online community designed to foster creative connections and opportunities for collaboration, is now open to everyone. Delivering on the promise to deliver more frequent innovation, Pro Tools 12.5 will represent the fifth software release in less than a year.

“Pro Tools 12.5 confirms Avid’s commitment to delivering powerful workflows that connect artists, media professionals, and their work in a much more collaborative, efficient way so they can focus on creating their best work,” said Dana Ruzicka, Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Avid. “Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools will radically change the way people make music, and open up unprecedented new creative possibilities. We’re excited to give customers the opportunity to experience this groundbreaking innovation.”

With Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools, it’s now easier than ever for artists and audio professionals to work together on the same project anywhere in the world because revisions and files are synchronized automatically. Customers can invite their connections to collaborate within the application or find new collaborators through the online Avid Artist Community. They can then compose, record, edit, and mix tracks collaboratively with other Pro Tools users, just like they were working together in the same studio. Furthermore, the Artist Community enables customers to share and promote their work with top artists, musicians, producers, engineers, and other media professionals.

With the new Cloud Collaboration features, customers will be able to:

  • Post projects to cloud storage space and invite others to collaborate
  • Work on projects with others in real time, or create offline and share updates directly
  • Share audio and MIDI tracks, edits, mix changes, automation, and more
  • Communicate with collaborators through text chat

For more information on early access to Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools, visit:

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