Pro Tools Dock

A Hands On First Look At The Avid Pro Tools Dock

The opportunity to get an "Up Close & Personal" look and play with the soon to be released Avid Pro Tools Dock finally arrived.

We had all seen the pictures and video of the unit when it was unveiled back at the AES convention in October 2015 , we reported the news in this post on the blog with all the details that were available at the time but until now we had not actually seen one in the flesh.

Until Today......

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Recording Industry Advice – How To Land a Band (Part 1)

Believe it or not, attracting clients is a huge part of our job description. I can almost guarantee that most up and coming producers aren’t even aware of the countless hours that go into finding a project – and it isn’t their fault. It’s just something that isn’t talked about.

Far too many young producers are obsessed with finding the perfect reverb technique for their vocals, or when they should be using parallel compression. And mind you, these things are important. But what good is practicing a skill set without the means to implement it? It’s the equivalent of practicing with a band for years, but never putting together a show. Sure that band may be amazing, but how will anyone ever know?

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We have just discovered via a post on the Avid DUC Forum the website is to get a "redesign"

Since the last "revamp" several years ago in an aim to complete the transition for the Pro Tools Product line from the "Digidesign" name to one all encompassing Avid brand vistoris have found the navigation searching and general use of the website somewhat frustrating at times.
With a product line like Pro Tools and its associated hardware and software variations and compatibilities it it vitally import and for users and prospective users to be able to access the information and support documentation they will need in order to answer the vast assortment of questions that will arise from such a potentially complex system.

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The Future Of USB And Thunderbolt – The C Type Connector

You may have seen various technology and news websites reporting on USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 emerging as the ultimate answer to all of our connectivity and compatibility payers and this might be the closest to the truth we have seen from any "latest and greatest" technology for quite some time, However along with new technologies come many new questions, learning curves and various levels of understanding to get your head around.
This article is a starting point that is intended to help its reader get a firm grounding in what its all about and hopefully will demystify elements or confusion for you, We've added an FAQ at the bottom for quick reference and if there are any questions that you may have that are not answered in the article please post a comment and we'll be happy to help answer them for you.
Are we sitting comfortably ? ......Then lets begin.......

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More Empirical Labs Plug-Ins On the Way ?

Spotted On Facebook, a rather excited Dave Derr of Empirical Labs' posted this quite revealing picture and statement,

Something's Finally Coming

It's only been due for like 20 years...

And NO, it's not actually called "The Real Thing!" But why buy a cheap imitation? ::wink::

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Pro Tools 12.3 Update Now Available – Here’s A First Look At The New Commit, Waveform & Fade Features

Hot on the heels of the just released Pro Tools 12.3 update Pro Tools PC's Steven Gilliland Takes us through some of its key new features "Commit", a new Waveform view and new fade preferences.
Check out the three videos below, the first showing an overview of Commit in use, the second part showing the various preference options for the commit process and the third showing the waveform view while dragging and additional fade preferences.

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