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Eventide Release EQuivocate By Newfangled Audio – Free For A Limited Time

Eventide, makers of some of the finest and most legendary proffessional audio effects hardware and software processors in existence have ...
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Tips To Speed Up Your Productions - Part 2

Tips To Speed Up Your Productions – Part 2

In part one of this series we covered: The Most Basic Keyboard Shortcuts, The Focus Key Command, Viewing Categories and ...
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Waves Control Surfaces

Waves Announce Icon Platform Hardware Control Surfaces For eMotion LV1

Waves have just announced some new hardware controllers called "Icon platform" for their eMotion LV1 Live mixing console system which looks ...
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Intel i9 The Pro Tools PC

A New Intel i9 Series Of CPU’s Appear To Be On The Way

An apparent leak of new Intel i9 and i7 CPU's specs have just been posted online setting PC tech forums ...
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Pro Tools First Cloud Collaboration and Freeze

Pro Tools First Is Getting Cloud Collaboration And Freeze

Avid have just announced via their blog that Pro Tools First is about to get Cloud Collaboration and Freeze features ...
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Acustica Audio

Acustica Audio Acqua Plug-In’s – Finally A Credible Alternative To Hardware ?

There have been several times in recent years when the release of certain software plug-In's have generated wild claims of no longer ...
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Duet Quartet

Avid Pro Tools Duet And Quartet By Apogee – Discontinued

  Avid have updated their "End Of Life / Support" dates database to now include the Duet and Quartet Audio ...
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New Mac Pro

Have Apple Finally Just Released Details Of A New Mac Pro ?

It appears that Apple may have just finally released details of their intentions for a New Mac Pro Workstation computer.Apple Insider have ...
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Performance Testing

Performance Testing With Pro Tools

Why Conduct Performance Tests ? Here at Pro Tools PC we are regularly asked about how the performance of “Computer ...
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UAD 9.1

Universal Audio Announce UAD 9.1 Software & Plug-Ins

Universal Audio have just announced their UAD 9.1 Software update including raft of new Plug-Ins and some new features as ...
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Best Add-On Software For Windows

The Best Add-On’s For Windows Pro Tools Users – Part 2

The Free Deal Has Now Ended But We've Negotiated An Exclusive 30% Discount Just For You (See Below) Need An ...
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Pro Tools 12.7.1

Pro Tools 12.7.1 Now Available

Avid have today released a Pro Tools maintenance update, Pro Tools 12.7.1 covers many bugfixes and enhancements here's the full ...
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Softube Console 1 UAD

Universal Audio DSP Plug-Ins Now Available In Softube Console 1

Softube, Makers of the Console 1 hardware controller and classic mixing console emulation suites have just released and update that ...
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Redstone 2

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update Full Feature List

Redstone 2 is Coming.... Redstone 2 huh ! - Well as We mentioned in a previous article here on the ...
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Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 Updates Coming – What Do They Mean For Pro Tools Users?

Windows 10 Updates Since the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft has ceased the traditional "Service Pack" update roll outs and ...
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Mid Side

Fun With The Mid Side Technique In Pro Tools

What is the Mid Side Technique? A common tactic when mastering a stereo audio file is to split the audio ...
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The Windows Key

Pro Tools Shortcuts: The Windows Key

The Windows key (or Start key) is a bit of an odd key. It goes unused in our daily computing ...
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TC Electronic VSS3

TC Electronic VSS3 Reverb Native Released

TC Electronic VSS3 The TC Electronic VSS3 is a legendary Reverb plugin, First appearing as part of the System 6000 studio ...
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Pro Tools 12.7

Pro Tools 12.7 Now Available

Avid have released Pro Tools 12.7 which most notably brings the following new features: Project Revision History for Cloud Collaboration ...
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Arturia MiniFilter V

Arturia MiniFilter V – Get It Free Now !

Arturia MiniFilter V - Software Synth Giants Arturia are giving away a brand new new Moog style filter plug-in totally ...
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Kintetic Treats

Get Native Instruments Kinetic Treats – Free !

Native Instruments are spreading seasonal joy and giving away a Kontakt based Instrument totally Free ! KINETIC TREATS The tiny ...
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Get Hornet Harmonics, Flexible Harmonic Wave Shaper Plug-In – Free

HoRNet Harmonics is a wave shaper based on the Chebyshev polynomials. Its non-linear processing lets you adjust the level of ...
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Pro Tools 12.7 Features

Pro Tools 12.7 Features Revealed

Avid Have updated their website documentation to include the upcoming features in Pro Tools 12.7 Most notable are: • Find ...
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Pro Tools 12.7

Avid Announce Pro Tools 12.7 Coming Soon

Avid have just posted a teaser via social media to look out for upcoming news and feature details for Pro ...
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UAD Thunderbolt Windows

Universal Audio Release Thunderbolt Drivers For Windows 10

Universal Audio Thunderbolt On Windows 10 - Yes its Finally Happened ! Rest Assured We've Got you Covered All Current ...
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Avid Issue A Statement On Pro Tools 12.6 License Update Complications

Avid have just released a statement via their DUC forum with regards to the complications encountered wile rolling out new licenses ...
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Using Quadro iPad App With Pro Tools 12

We reported on the release of Quadro (an ipad app to design your own shortcut macros to control your desktop applications) ...
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Pro Tools 12.6

Pro Tools 12.6 Released

Avid have just released Pro Tools 12.6 Catch up on the details of whats new over on the Avid blog ...
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Using The Pro Tools Tempo Ruler

Using The Pro Tools Tempo Ruler

Using the Pro Tools Tempo Ruler is quick and creative way to change your session tempo. Using the Pro Tools ...
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izotope neutrino free

Get iZotope Neutrino Plug-In – Free!

iZotope Neutrino is designed to improve the overall spectral balance of an entire mix by making subtle changes to each ...
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Slate Raven Windows Pro Tools PC

Slate Raven 3.2 For Pro Tools On Windows

Slate Digital have just announced The Raven 3.0 now available for Pro Tools On Windows The RAVEN Multi-Touch Production Console ...
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Identify Beat in Pro Tools Video Tutorial

How to Identify a Tempo In Pro Tools

In this video we show how to take a track in Pro Tools and Identify the session tempo using Identify Beat ...
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Pro Tools 12.6

Avid Announce Pro Tools 12.6 With Clip Effects And HD Software Only Option

At IBC 2016, Avid Have announced The upcoming release of Pro Tools 12.6 heres whats new: Introducing Pro Tools 12.6: ...
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The BBC Experiments in Binaural 3D Sound For the Proms 2016

For anyone interested in 3D audio and a more "Immersive" sound experience, the BBC have been experimenting with Binaural 3D ...
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Fairlight Blackmagic

Blackmagic Design Announces Acquisition of Fairlight

Blackmagic and Fairlight ? This is a rather interesting development at least in signs of potential intentions of Blackmagic to ...
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AMD And Intel To Drop Support Of Older Windows Versions

There have been some important announcements in the CPU world by both AMD and Intel recently. AMD has announced the forthcoming ...
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Paragon Backup and Recovery 16 is Free Until November

I have expressed my like of Paragon Backup and Recovery in the past, including 2 videos on our website here ...
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Windows 10 telemetry and data collecting

Windows Data Collecting And Phone Home Features Part 2

In a previous post, I went over some of the details of Windows Data Collecting and Phone Home (Telemetry) features ...
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Spectrasonics Announce Keyscape™ – Collector Keyboards

KEYSCAPE™ is an extraordinary new virtual instrument featuring the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. Ten years in ...
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Windows 10 Telemetry and Data Collecting

Windows Data Collecting And Phone Home Features

By now we are aware that most major entities such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. all track user with ...
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Fxpansion Acquired By ROLI

News has just been posted that Fxpansion have been acquired by keyboard innovators ROLI, In their statement Fxpansion say: We’re ...
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Pro Tools Tempo Operations Window Video Tutorial

Using The Pro Tools Tempo Operations Window

Using the Pro Tools Tempo Operations Window is a powerful and more precise way to change your session tempo. Using ...
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Shutting off automatic system updates In Windows 10

Shutting Off Automatic Updates – Windows 10

One of the biggest complaints of Windows 10 is the inability to shut off the system updates. Even Windows 10 ...
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Trasher 12 b2

Trasher 12 Is Finally Updated!

Trasher 12 has finally been updated.  Functions for a Waves post uninstall cleanup as well as the ability to open up ...
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Creating And Using Templates in Pro Tools

Using Session Templates in Pro Tools

Using session templates in Pro Tools is a great way to speed up your workflow when creating a sessions. Session ...
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Native Access

Native Instruments Introduce Native Access Public Beta

Native Instruments are introducing a new software management tool called Native Access which will presumably replace the NI Service Centre. It ...
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Vienna Ensemble Pro 6

Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 Announced – With Introductory Pricing For August 2016

Vienna Ensemble Pro has become the definitive cross-platform network solution in studios and production facilities around the world. This mixing and ...
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Native Instruments Komplete 11

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Details Released Online

Just a couple of weeks after we first saw an accidental product shot of Native Instruments Komplete 11 on USA ...
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Pro Tools 12.5 Dashboard video tutorial

The Pro Tools 12.5 Dashboard

The Pro Tools 12.5 Dashboard has changed with the addition of Projects. The dashboard is the central starting point in ...
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If You Want To Get A Fee Upgrade to Windows 10 You Better Do It Before July 29th

Are you going to Upgrade to Windows 10 ? You Really won't need me to remind you of this after all ...
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Backup Your System Now ! – Yes Right Now

When was the last time you created a backup of your system that would allow you to restore back to its ...
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Are Plug-Ins Like Pokemon?

Ok, so there's a crazy phenomenon going on right now where "full grown adults" are running around in public chasing ...
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Platinum Samples Ocean Way Drums video

Video Overview – Platinum Samples Ocean Way Drums

We recently had an article and video on the new Platinum Samples Accent. Now we have a video for the ...
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Avid Introduce “Traffic Light” Style In Progress Indicators To IdeaScale

Our Man on the ground  Kris Siegers of Space Cabin Audio has just pointed out to us that Avid have quietly ...
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Native Instruments Komplete 11

Is Native Instruments Komplete 11 About To Be Released?

We've just seen some credible evidence in the form of a "web cached" by Google page from a pro audio retailer ...
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Levels – Everything You Need In A Metering Plugin ?

There are plenty of metering plugins available on the market these days, the roll out of loudness standards in the ...
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Meet Aria – A New Level In Online Automated Mastering ?

Welcome to Aria, a first-of-its-kind, real-time analog mastering system. “None of the other automated mastering services currently available sounded anywhere close ...
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Pro Tools 12.5.2

Pro Tools 12.5.2 Update Released

Today Avid released Pro Tools 12.5.2 - An update release that's somewhat minimal for most users but a good sign ...
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Audioease Indoor

Audioease Indoor – Acoustics For Post Production

Audioease are a brand synonymous with Impulse response / convolution based products such as Altiverb and Speakerphone and their latest offering takes ...
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waves nx

Waves NX Kickstarter Campaign For Hardware Headtracker Unit

About this project With Waves Nx, music, movies and games can be heard in a revolutionary way, as they take ...
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Kazrog Kclip

Kazrog KClip 2 and KClip 2 Pro Clipper Plug-Ins Coming Soon

Kazrog LLC is excited to announce the upcoming launch of KClip 2 and KClip 2 Pro – the sequel and enhanced ...
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Pro Tools -9173 error

Avid Ask For Customer Feedback On “AAE Error -9173” CPU Ran Out Of Processing Power With Windows

The "AAE Error -9173" has been causing problems for a lot of Pro Tools users recently, More so than ever with ...
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Windows 10 Update cleanup

Clean Up And Gain Back Some Hard Drive Space After A Major Windows 10 Update Or Upgrade

When performing a Windows 10 update (major update that used to be known as a service pack) or upgrade from Windows ...
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Avid Mbox Windows 10

Avid Introduce Windows 10 Compatibility To 3rd Generation Mboxes

The Mbox 3 is now compatible with Pro Tools on Windows 10 according to the updated information on the pre-existing ...
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Avid Eleven Rack Drivers

Avid Release Updated Eleven Rack Drivers

Avid have just released updated drivers for the Eleven Rack hardware that adds compatibility for Windows 10 and OSX 10.11.3 ...
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Avid Update The Pro Tools Control iPad App And EuControl

Avid Have Updated The Pro Tools Control iPad App To Version 1.0.6 And EuControl Software To Version 3.4 marking the ...
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Using a Reference Bus in Pro Tools

Using a Reference Bus in Pro Tools -Tutorial

In this free tutorial video Kris shows us a very useful but often overlooked routing technique to use a reference track ...
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Empirical Labs Arousor Video Walkthrough

A First Look At The Empirical Labs Arousor Plug-In

Here at Pro Tools PC We are very proud to be able to bring you this first look at Empirical ...
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Empirical Labs New Plugin Is Not The Distressor – Its The Arousor !

Yes that's right, I'm sure most people were thinking Dave Derr and his coding Boffins were developing a software plugin of ...
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Windows 10 Is Now Qualified For Pro Tools 12.5

We've just been informed that Windows 10 is now qualified for Pro Tools 12.5 but with special HD hardware buffer ...
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Avid Verify Our Advice Given On Apple Quicktime Security

10 days ago I wrote an article here on The Pro Tools PC Newsbog with detailed advice on how to best protect ...
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Thunderbolt 3 Hubs Might Never Exist

I was watching a video online recently where Intel's Director Of Thunderbolt Marketing Jason Ziller was being interviewed about Thunderbolt ...
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Flashback – Classic Digidesign 001 Promo Video Recording Session

If like me you started out in "Pro Audio" at the beginning of the new millennium or close to that ...
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Pro Tools 12.5 Cloud Collaboration – A Post Perspective

Pro Tools PC Owner - Guest Blog Post I'd like to introduce a guest post for you today by Our ...
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Empirical Labs “Distressor” Plug-In Price, Release Date And Further Details Announced

After a few months of semi-silence Dave Derr of Empirical Labs has just released further details of his upcoming software plugin: The ...
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Is Apple Quicktime A Security Risk For Windows Pro Tools Users?

So Whats The Big Deal About Apple Quicktime And This Viral Story About It's Security Flaws On Windows? Since the ...
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Working With VCA Faders In Pro Tools – Part 2: Automation And Composite Coalesce

Working With VCA Faders In Pro Tools – Part 2: Automation And Composite Coalesce

VCA faders give us the ability to create faders in order to control groups. This, by itself, will speed up ...
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Mix Online Avid Webinar

Mix Magazine & Avid Present Special Live Webinar

Mix Magazine & Avid Present Special Live Webinar Get Yourself Connected Discover Cloud Collaboration for Pro ToolsMarch 15, 2016 2:00 ...
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Focusrite Blue

Focusrite Precision Conversion – Information Resource

Audio Giant Focusrite have just published a rather nice information resource webpage dedicated to, and named Focusrite Precision Conversion. The page ...
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How To Land A Band

Recording Industry Advice – How To Land a Band (Part 2)

How to Land a Band (Part 2) - By Justin Autumn Hello my friends, and welcome back to part two of the ...
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Pro Tools Dock

A Hands On First Look At The Avid Pro Tools Dock

 The opportunity to get an "Up Close & Personal" look and play with the soon to be released Avid Pro ...
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Recording Industry Advice – How To Land a Band (Part 1)

How To Land a Band (Part 1) - By Justin Autumn Believe it or not, attracting clients is a huge part ...
Read More Website Is To Get An Overhaul / Redesign – Announced Today

We have just discovered via a post on the Avid DUC Forum the website is to get a "redesign" ...
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Pro Tools PC Team Up With “My Recording Internship” To Offer Outstanding Tutorial Content

We are very proud and excited to announce our partnership with Pro Tools / Studio Tutorial Guru's - My Recording ...
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The Future Of USB And Thunderbolt – The C Type Connector

You may have seen various technology and news websites reporting on USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 emerging as the ultimate answer ...
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The Impact Of Last Minute Pro Tools HD TDM Upgrades And Avid’s Planned Obsolescence

Anyone who knows me well will be aware of my dislike of planned obsolescence and with regards to Avid hardware ...
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More Empirical Labs Plug-Ins On the Way ?

Spotted On Facebook, a rather excited Dave Derr of Empirical Labs' posted this quite revealing picture and statement, Something's Finally Coming ...
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Pro Tools 12.3 Update Now Available – Here’s A First Look At The New Commit, Waveform & Fade Features

The Pro Tools 12.3 update has just been released and is now showing up in peoples Avid Application manager, So ...
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Why Pro Tools 12.3 Commit Is Not Freeze

After Yesterdays AES announcement of the coming update to Pro Tools 12.3 and one of the main new features being ...
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