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Creating Bootable Recovery Media With Paragon Backup and Recovery Free

If you are not familiar with Paragon

About an year and a half ago we created a couple popular videos on creating and restoring system images with Paragon Backup and Recovery Free.

Creating an Image with Paragon Backup and Recovery Free

Restoring an Image with Paragon Backup and Recovery Free

In this video we wanted to take it a step further and make a video on creating bootable recovery media with Paragon. The purpose of creating bootable recovery media is a safety net in case your system does not boot. It will give you the option to restore your system drive with a previously created image or to reset your Master Boot Record, assuming they are contained in the previously created image. 

This is never a good feeling to know you may have to use recovery media. It is the result of your computer not booting. There are countless reasons this could happen and none of them are obviously favorable! With this process you can take a previously created image, boot into the flash drive that runs a portable version of Paragon Backup and Recovery. From here you can restore your operating system drive or MBR back to a previous image. The downside of this process is that you will lose anything that is not backed up on your operating system drive. This is where services like Dropbox or One Drive are lifesavers! If I was to give readers any advice related to computers, the #1 statement would be:  BACKUP - BACKUP - BACKUP! 

Before you try this at home

For your safety, I recommend creating this recovery drive BEFORE the problem strikes. It can be created later, on another computer if necessary. It will require a 1GB minimum Flash drive and a Windows ADK download. If you are using Windows 10 version 1607 (All versions updated approximately within the last year) here is a link

This is definitely a last resort situation, but its always good to have that option rather than no option! 


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