Tips To Speed Up Your Productions - Part 1

Tips To Speed Up Your Productions – Part 1

There are a million different workflows that users can employ within Pro Tools. Knowing the most efficient ways to reach your end goal, or maybe even just having a few tricks in your bag can make a huge difference. In part 1 of this series, I wanted to have a look at some of some simple and efficient methods to speed up your production.

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Pro Tools First Cloud Collaboration and Freeze

Pro Tools First Is Getting Cloud Collaboration And Freeze

Avid have just announced via their blog that Pro Tools First is about to get Cloud Collaboration and Freeze features.

This is not only great news for those wishing to try out Pro Tools without investing fully into purchasing or subscribing to a full license but also for those who are already fully signed up owners of Pro Tools because it now means artists can contribute to your projects without owning Pro Tools themselves, they'll simply need to signup for Pro Tools First free of charge and connect into your Pro Tools project.

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Acustica Audio

Acustica Audio Acqua Plug-In’s – Finally A Credible Alternative To Hardware ?

There have been several times in recent years when the release of certain software plug-In's have generated wild claims of no longer needing to own and maintain analogue audio outboard gear or continue to work OTB (outside of the box) many times this has been part of the marketing hype to try and peak interest in a highly saturated marketplace.
I'm sure I don't need to name brand names who have become rather well know for both marketing hype and or generating widely held opinion of the top spot's when it comes to the sound quality and realism of an emulated or modelled piece of vintage analogue outboard hardware so I'll leave that to your own thoughts and opinions.

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Performance Testing

Performance Testing With Pro Tools

A common question we get is asking; how the performance of “Computer a” is compared to “computer b”. “Is it worth it to upgrade?? These questions are obviously difficult to answer due to a huge number of variables.

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