Backup Your System Now ! – Yes Right Now

When was the last time you created a backup of your system that would allow you to restore back to its current state in a matter of minutes?
If you are well organised you might have this all under control but I would bet the farm on the majority of people do not have this in hand and only occasionally create backups or even forget until its way too late and the damage is done.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to create and maintain a sensible backup schedule for both you Operating System and your Audio/Video Data so stop whatever you are doing today and take some time out to make yourself safe and avoid the facepalm moment of when your system goes down.

System failure can come in many forms, most often it’s either hard drive failure or OS corruption, both of which can be dealt with very quickly by creating an externally stored OS backup. In the event of the worst actually happening you can restore you system back to a working state within a matter of minutes and minimalise any studio downtime and session interruption.

To help our Pro Tools PC customers we have created some simple video guides to walk you through this backup and restore process, it couldn’t be any easier for you besides us coming to your house and doing it for you, unfortunately, travels costs are little prohibitive in that instance 😉

So here’s those walkthrough videos, watch them and make them a reality today and be safe in the event of a problem.

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