Pro Tools 12.5.1

Avid Release Pro Tools 12.5.1 Update

Avid have just released Pro Tools 12.5.1 which by the looks of the release notes is one rather epic bug fix release.
Its great to see Avid apparently squashing so many bugs in one hit and this is rather promising if its a sign of things to come.
If you had been experiencing issues with Pro Tools 12.5 take a look at the fix list below and see if your issues have been addressed.
The update should be appearing in you Avid accounts and Application Manager over the next few days if it's not there already.
Let us know how the update goes for you, and as ever we recommend you make a safe backup of your system before updating and don't update if you are in the middle of some important projects.

12.5.1 Release Notes


Pro Tools | Dock Support

  • The EUCON AppSet for Pro Tools | Dock is installed automatically with Pro Tools 12.5.1. This AppSet is required for proper Dock button functionality. Refer to the “Optimizing EuControl After a Pro Tools Update” section of the Pro Tools | Dock guide or visit Pro Tools | Dock Support for setup instructions. Learn more about Pro Tools | Dock here.

Artist Chat

  • Double-clicking on a Project in the projects list will open the Project in Pro Tools


Bug Fixes

Thanks to Avid’s Pro Audio Community

Many thanks to the users who notified us and provided reproducible cases of bugs, helping us provide the following fixes:

  • Fixed an unexpected volume change that intermittently occurred when using non-HDX playback engines and starting playback from directly on top of a mute automation event
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a Commit command was cleared from the undo queue
  • Write to All enabled no longer fails to work when using the numeric keypad shortcut on non-English keyboard layouts



  • The scrub playhead is no longer out of sync with audio when using delay compensation and high system delay
  • The "Restore Previously Shown Tracks" command no longer fails
  • All channels of automation for unlinked multi-mono plug-ins on Aux or Master Faders can now be copied and pasted successfully
  • Fade in, Crossfade, and Fade out no longer fail to follow the edit preferences when using command focus keyboard shortcuts on edit selection
  • Automation breakpoints no longer snap to the center of a fade while dragging fades around clips
  • Fixed an error that would occur trying to modify the Start, End, and Length fields in Insert Time and Cut Time event operation windows by clicking and dragging the mouse or typing a value
  • TCE Trim of clips on an Instrument Track no longer deletes underlying automation
  • Yellow rectangle outline of clip groups is no longer drawn incorrectly
  • Yellow rectangle outline of clip is no longer drawn incorrectly when editing in Shuffle mode
  • Sync points in MIDI clips are no longer displayed incorrectly during clip drag
  • Clip boundaries of video clips selected and dragged with the object grabber are no longer drawn improperly
  • MIDI clip outlines and note data no longer distort unexpectedly while being dragged across tempo changes and between tracks of different time-base



  • The Auto Backups preference no longer resets to 2 after creating a Project
  • Fixed a launch slow down that would occur when opening Pro Tools on a system connected to a closed network with no internet connection
  • Click II plug-in no longer causes UI freezes when open
  • Pressing "=" while “Hide Ticks & Milliseconds” is enabled in the Big Counter no longer causes the edit selection to jump to the beginning of the timeline
  • Disabling the "Audio Track Record Lock" preference no longer fails to take tracks out of record enable when stopping a record pass
  • Folders created by the installed Avid Codecs are no longer left behind when uninstalling Pro Tools on Windows
  • Fixed a case where MIDI Channel assignment is lost after import session data to existing Instrument Tracks
  • A bug in Pro Tools was fixed that caused V-Mon AAX DSP instances to be allocated to multiple DSP chips
  • Fixed the placement of localized text in the Bounce to Quicktime dialog
  • The Audio I/O Firmware page of Avid DigiTest now warns against power cycling audio hardware while a firmware update is in process. Please, always allow a firmware update to complete even if it seems to be taking longer than expected.


Crashes and Errors (Please continue submitting crash reports!)

  • Fixed a crash caused by creating a track while recording
  • Pro Tools no longer crashes when searching the workspace for certain non-English characters
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools could crash after importing session data and coalescing VCA automation
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when using the Polyphonic Elastic Audio plug-in
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash during offline Bounce, Freeze, or Commit, when using certain plug-ins
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when undoing an Expand to new tracks operation on a Field Recorder Guide Track
  • Pro Tools no longer hangs when using memory locations to Show/Hide tracks in large sessions
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools could crash when importing frozen Instrument tracks
  • Fixed a crash caused by using "Thin All" command on an edit selection containing automation on a VCA Master and a MIDI track
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while attempting to commit by drag and drop from a MIDI to an Audio Track while Clip Transparency is enabled
  • Fixed a crash during real-time bounce caused by a high volume of MIDI data being input to Pro Tools during the bounce pass
  • Fixed a case where removing a Key Signature symbol could crash Pro Tools
  • Fixed a crash caused by using "Do To All" and removing a key signature marker
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while using the Cut Time event operation
  • Fixed a crash when revealing the workspace for a selection in the clip list containing both audio and MIDI clips
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash after renaming a track or bus during playback
  • Fixed a case where the New Tracks dialog becomes unresponsive causing Pro Tools to hang
  • Fixed a case where opening sessions from the dashboard could crash Pro Tools
  • Fixed a case where saving fade settings in the Fades window caused Pro Tools to hang
  • Fixed a case that prevented sessions from opening if they linked to multiple video files that had timecode rates different than the session setting
  • Fixed a case where creating overlapping output paths could cause Pro Tools to hang indefinitely
  • Quickly changing Fade Presets no longer intermittently crashes Pro Tools


Control Surfaces

  • EUCON layout assignments are no longer lost when saving sessions in Pro Tools 12.5
  • Fixed a case where writing automation in an extremely large session could crash the S6 MTMApp and lock up the S6 surface


Cloud Collaboration Bug Fixes


Track/Project Data Changes and Ownership

  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools could crash after taking track changes to a shared track that included changing a track from non-elastic to elastic enabled
  • Global upload and download buttons no longer illuminate incorrectly when there is a new shared track available to download
  • Making adjustments to adjustments to plug-in graphs such as EQ curves directly in the graph now register as track changes
  • Changes to Waves plug-ins are now registered as track changes
  • Deleting automation on a frozen Aux or Instrument track, or on a Master Fader, is now registered as a track change
  • Deleting a playlist is now registered as a track change
  • Muting a MIDI or Instrument Track from the MIDI Editor is now registered as a track change
  • Key input changes are now registered as track changes
  • Playing back previously written automation on shared Aux, Instrument, or Master tracks no longer flags the track as changed
  • The missing plug-in dialog no longer appears every time change are received on a track with a missing plug-in. The warning only occurs when first receiving the change containing the missing plug-in
  • "Custom Allocation Options" in Disk Allocation for tracks are no longer transmitted to other users' systems, preventing missing media
  • Fixed several cases where track changes were ignored when using Automatic Upload mode
  • Using "Do To All" to unmute tracks will only cause tracks that changed state to be flagged for upload
  • Using Shared as Frozen no longer sets recipient systems to share as frozen if they make and upload changes
  • Entries in the Metadata Inspector window are now shared in Projects
  • Undoing "Rename Clip" command no longer fails to clear the upload button on a shared track
  • Fixed multiple cases that could cause the global download button to fail
  • Fixed a case where removing a clip from the clip list could cause the global upload button to fail
  • Solo Safe is no longer cleared on a track when abandoning track changes
  • Ownership no longer gets stuck after download the version of a track on the server to resolve a conflict
  • Ownership requests no longer fail to appear on ruler tracks
  • Tracks that are receiving input from multi-output plug-ins are no longer received with the input path deactivated
  • Receiving newly shared tracks no longer modifies track selection while auto downloading newly shared tracks is enabled


Project Synchronization

  • Fixed a case where cloud storage was not reclaimed immediately after deleting a Project
  • Fixed a case where a project that failed to upload on its first synchronization with the cloud, could not be downloaded again even after a subsequent successful upload
  • Fixed a case where personal cloud storage indication differed between the dashboard and the storage meter in the collaboration tools cluster within a Project
  • Downloads no longer fail to complete after a separate upload fails because the file exceeds available cloud storage
  • The save dialog properly indicates if there are tracks with changes not downloaded when closing a project
  • Media no longer fails to download after removing a volume that had been used in a Project's Disk Allocation
  • Fixed a case where two users collaborating simultaneously on the same shared track could get out of sync without entering a conflict state
  • Clarified all dialogs about unfinished transfers or pending changes when closing a project
  • Project Synchronization transfers no longer fail to populate Task Manager if a preceding transfer of shared track data failed
  • The Task Manager progress bar for Project Synchronization tasks is now more responsive
  • Fixed cases where the same project could be open to the same user on multiple systems
  • Using "Remove Local Cache" for a project in the Projects tab of the dashboard no longer fails to remove the project from the Recent tab


“Save Copy In…” and Import Session Data between Sessions and Projects

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a session created from a Project by using “Save Copy In…”
  • Memory locations no longer fail to share when imported from sessions
  • Fixed a case where some memory locations were not copied from a session to a project when using "Save Copy In.."
  • Fixed a case where "Save Copy In…" may not copy all audio files when saving a session as a project
  • Fixed a case where collaboration track tools were greyed out after saving a copy of a project as a new project
  • The global collaboration tools cluster is now shown by default in the edit window when creating a Project from an earlier template
  • Removed a misleading menu option for "Save Copy In…" that allowed an attempted conversion from a session to a project without an internet connection
  • Bounced Files folder is now properly located in the session folder hierarchy when bouncing in a session that was created by Save Copy In from a Project
  • The Task Manager progress bar for a project upload triggered by saving a copy of a session as a project is now more responsive
  • The Edit Window is no longer hidden by default when saving a copy of a session as a Project



  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when signing in and out and back in
  • It is no longer necessary to sign in and out to see a change in Project quota in the Dashboard after changing Project Subscription plans
  • Fixed a case where tracks that are hidden by showing only tracks with an ownership request stay hidden after restoring previously shown tracks
  • Corrected the size of the context menu click zone for Projects in the Dashboard
  • Fixed the dimensions of the password recovery window when loaded from within the Sign On screen in
  • The accept icon in a dashboard project invitation no longer appears awry


Offline mode and Network Loss

  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when saving a change to a Project while offline
  • Fixed cases where a user may not stay signed in to their account while disconnected from the internet
  • New uploads no longer fail after restoring a lost internet connection
  • Ownership no longer gets stuck after restoring a lost internet connection when connection was lost after an ownership request was made
  • Fixed a case where track order of incoming tracks could be scrambled after losing and restoring network connection
  • The upload light in the global collaboration tools no longer fails to illuminate when making track changes after restoring a lost internet connection
  • Ownership buttons on shared tracks no longer fail to update correctly after restoring a lost internet connection


  • Fixed an error -20006 that could occur when attempting to open a Project from the Recent tab of the dashboard while offline
  • The "Open" button in the dashboard is no longer greyed out for locally cached projects while signed in offline
  • Notifications that a project has been deleted by another user no longer fail to be received after restoring a lost internet connection


Artist Chat

Artist Chat is updated continuously between Pro Tools releases. Here are just some of the fixes released in Artist Chat since Pro Tools 12.5.0 shipped:

  • Fixed a case that caused Projects that were deleted from the Dashboard to remain in Artist Chat
  • Messages sent and received between users in different regions of the world no longer require reloading Artist Chat to successfully be delivered
  • Fixed an issue that caused chat history to disappear
  • All icons now have Retina versions
  • The pop up menu to remove a contact no longer appears truncated
  • The context menu click zone for user names in the chat participants list are now easier to click on retina displays
  • The New Chat menu no longer appears awkwardly at the top of the window away from the click zone
  • Added additional translations of text strings
  • Correct Japanese fonts are now used in the Artist Chat window on all OS platforms


This content was taken from Avid's official release notes which can be found here.

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