Avid Introduce “Traffic Light” Style In Progress Indicators To IdeaScale

Our Man on the ground  Kris Siegers of Space Cabin Audio has just pointed out to us that Avid have quietly introduced a "Traffic Light" style progress meter to entries on the IdeaScale public fix and feature suggestion system.

This is of quite significant value to the end user as it shows what Avid are actively working on with an indication of progress without the need to make such public announcements.

Most prominent are items marked as "In Progress" which suggests these things are being currently developed and we should perhaps expect to see them appear in near future updates.

One thing Avid have long been accused of is a lack of information flow to users about what to expect to see in updates, what is currently being worked on and whether or not the IdeaScale suggestions are even being looked at or considered anymore.
Avid made a big deal during the launch of Pro Tools 9 that many new features were the result of idea scale suggestions but since then have rarely directly referred to suggestions turning into implemented features.

This is another sign that Avid is trying to evolve into a more agile and "listening" company and a very welcome move from where we are viewing.

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As you see below each vote counter for a IdeaScale suggestion is a coloured traffic light style strip of indicators, each one beig a stage in the development process which range through:

  • In Review
  • Active (presumably acknowledged  and considered for further development)
  • In Progress (presumably being actively worked on for implementation)
  • Completed

Tell us what you think and whether any of your IdeaScale suggestions have been accepted by Avid for inclusions for development.

Visit the Avid IdeaScale here and submit your own suggestions for new features to Pro Tools and associated products by Avid.

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